When returning goods to Normans it is important that they are packaged adequately to avoid any damage on their journey back to us. Whether you are sending, or we are collecting, it is your responsibility to ensure that reasonable measures are taken to avoid potential transit damage.

We have put together this short guide to assist you, but for further help regarding the return of your item please contact our Support Team on 01283 535333 or email support@normans.co.uk.

How to Package your Parcel for Return

Ideally goods should be returned in the original packaging used by our warehouse team, as long as it is still intact.

Where it is not possible to use the original packaging, please ensure that the goods are sufficiently packaged and cushioned to protect against any reasonable shocks, puncturing, scratching or damage that may occur during carriage, handling and sorting. Here are a few tips:


All items should be placed within an outer box, if you do not have a large enough box, please cut/tape smaller boxes together to ensure the entire item is covered in cardboard. Multiple items inside a box should not be touching in order to prevent potential damage caused by movement in transit.


Fragile items need extra protection such as bubble wrap, newspaper, shredded cardboard or polystyrene chips. This can often be recycled from other parcels you receive and ensures reduced movement of packaged items. Particular care should be taken with delicate/fragile instruments such as guitars, cellos and french horns.


Open edges of the parcel should be sealed, top and bottom. Packing tape is preferable to ordinary household tape if available.


Make sure that our address and your senders address are marked clearly on the outer packaging. Don’t forget to include your completed Normans Goods Return Sheet.

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If we have agreed to collect the goods from you, then our chosen carrier may refuse to collect the item if it is not sufficiently packaged.

In the event that Normans reasonably considers that the goods are damaged during carriage, handling and/or sorting due to insufficient or improper protective packaging by you, then Normans shall not be liable for any loss and/or damage to those goods and shall be entitled to reject any goods that do not meet the guidelines laid out above. If we have cause to reject any goods, then we reserve the right to either return those goods to you or reduce the value of any refund due to cover the cost of damage. All parcels are photographed upon receipt by our returns warehouse and you will be notified of any packaging issues/concerns highlighted prior to the opening/inspection of your goods.