3rd Avenue 3/4 Bass Guitar Pack - Black

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Shaped in an iconic designed P-Style, this short scale 3/4 bass guitar is versatile enough for any genre of music. It is supplied in a high-gloss black finish with a PVC white scratch plate and covered pickups to give a sleek and modern aesthetic. The 3/4 short scale makes this ideal for younger/smaller players looking to take up the bass.

Included is a 15-watt amplifier which is ideal for bedroom practice but will also allow you to get good volume for when you want to be heard. This amplifier also has a headphone socket for silent rehearsals - ideal for night practice or houses with thin walls!

Some essential accessories are also included; a gig bag allows easy transport and storage, a cable to make sure you can plug in straight away and get playing, along with a guitar strap, spare strings and a guitar stand.

  • P-Style design with a C shape neck
  • Single coil split pick-up
  • Short Scale 3/4 Bass Guitar
  • Ultimate Starter Kit - includes 15w amp, Cable, Gig bag, Spare Strings, Strap, Stand

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