A-Star 15 Note Rainbow Xylophone with Beaters

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Fun and colourful, this engaging xylophone by A-Star is perfect for the classroom. With nearly two octaves of the C major scale, starting and ending on G, there is plenty of scope for playing melodies and harmonies.

The bright colours are ideal for encouraging younger players, making learning fun and exciting. The colourful nature of the instrument also helps engage the player, allowing them to associate the colours with the sounds.

This xylophone is supplied with two hard-wearing beaters, enough to withstand the rigours of any classroom environment.


  • Wooden xylophone with 15 notes tuned to the C major scale
  • Supplied with a pair of durable beaters
  • Colourful design, incorporating colours for each individual note.
  • A wider range of notes to encourage more complex melodic and harmonic playing
  • Ideal for classrooms and use in education
  • Dimensions: 42cm x 23cm

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