A-Star 30 Player Multicultural Percussion Sounds Basket

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This basket contains 30 traditional instruments, all of them made by hand, using natural, sustainable materials. Stored in a bamboo reed basket, all the instruments are visually fascinating, highly tactile and stimulate both the senses and the imagination.

They're also ‘pick-up-and-play’ and don't really need any major instruction. This vast collection allows students to explore not only the tonal and melodic properties, but also that of geographical and cultural practices.


  • Wide range of authentic hand made instruments offering a complete spectrum of tonal and melodic textures.
  • Visually fascinating, tactile, and ideal for child development and learning.
  • Hand made by Balinese musicians and craftsmen; designs and decoration may vary.
  • Supplied in a bespoke bamboo reed basket for easy and applicable storage.

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