A-Star Descant Plastic School Recorder


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Perfect for students and young beginners, the A-Star School Recorder makes it easy to take the first steps in playing and learning music. The recorder is very popular within music education - it's a great introduction to playing music and is the foundation for progressing on to other woodwind instruments. 

The recorder teaches you how to develop your embouchure, as well as giving you a simple fingering technique to start learning and playing different notes and songs. These affordable 3-piece recorders are perfect for large classroom groups but also as a gift for your children!

A cleaning rod and bag are included with the plastic recorder, making it easy to clean and sanitise after every use. They are very easy to play, making them the ideal choice for anyone who has no previous experience in music.


  • Three-piece construction
  • Descant (soprano)
  • Ideal school recorder
  • Hard plastic makes it easy to clean
  • Baroque finger system
  • Includes a cleaning rod, protective bag and finger chart
  • Available in a range of colours


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