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Whether you are buying your first keyboard or need some new accessories for your current instrument, why not save yourself some time and money with this package that includes everything you need! At a great value price, you will receive an adjustable bench and a sturdy, adjustable stand that will allow you to play comfortably whether you prefer to stand up or sit down. To top it off, a pair of cushioned, stereo headphones will provide an enjoyable silent practice.

The bench included in the package is an X-style keyboard bench, which is a very popular design due to the ease of use, compact folding option and portability. The stool is height adjustable in 3 steps within the range of 40 to 50 cm, which is perfect for younger children who will continue to grow or simply for choosing the most appropriate height for you. A comfortable, padded seat will enable you to enjoy performing or practising for hours.

The stand is one of our most popular options with student and experienced players. Crafted from durable steel, it features a safety locking mechanism and non-slip rubber pads to keep the stand in place. It has 7 height positions ranging from 30 to 98 cm, making it easy to tailor to the individual player's height and the maximum load is 30kg, perfect for a range of different keyboards and synths.

The headphones selected for this package are AXH10 in order to provide you with a fantastic listening experience at a very accessible price. These headphones feature a comfortable headband that is also fully adjustable as well as cushioned earcups. These headphones also come with a 6.35mm jack adaptor so can be used easily on most keyboards and digital pianos.


  • Keyboard accessory package with headphones, stand and bench
  • Height-adjustable bench in 3 steps from 40-50cm
  • Height-adjustable stand in 7 steps from 30-98cm
  • Great quality stereo headphones with adjustable headband
  • The headphones have a 3.5mm jack with 6.35mm adaptor

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