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Made using a high quality Brazil wood its both strong and durable. An ebony frog with double pearled eyes gives the bow a classic look and the natural horse hair used on the bow has been specially selected to give just the right amount of resistance while playing.

The popular Forenza brand offers great quality instruments at breakthrough prices. Our range of Forenza instruments includes a wide variety of double basses, cellos, violins and violas as well as a great selection of accessories including strings, bows and instrument carry cases.

The lighter the bow the more manoeuvrability however a slightly heavy bow can assist in producing more sound - players should identify the best weight of bow which will produce great sound without tiring them out.

The strength and flexibility of a bow go hand in hand - whilst a more flexible bow will make it easier for players to produce a richer tones a stiff bow will offer a faster response. Again players must find a middle ground when it comes to strength and flexibility in order to find the most comfortable cello bow to play with.


  • Good quality student cello bow
  • Perfect replacement bow for any brand of cello
  • Strong and durable - designed for music education and very popular with schools
  • Classic brazil wood and natural horse hair specification
  • Ebony frog
  • Double pearled eyes
  • Brazilwood stick
  • Comfortable thumb grip
  • Secure endscrew
  • High quality lapping
  • Available in a range of sizes

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