Forenza Uno Series 3/4 Size Violin Outfit

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The 3/4 size Uno Series Violin outfit offers a well-built, great sounding instrument for any student, combined with carefully designed features and accessories to ensure the best possible playing experience at a price that is accessible to more people than ever.

The violins are finished in a classic rich varnish to give a warm wood colour and the fitted bridge and tensioned strings provide an easy set-up. This saves time when you receive the violin and avoids the worry of putting the bridge up if you are unsure of what to do.

Fine-tuning is made easy with the robust integral tailpiece and four string adjusters, and the chin rest provides comfort and support whilst playing. The hardwood fingerboard and pegs provide quality and confidence whilst playing and give the violin a sophisticated look.

Included in the outfit is a durable bow with natural horsehair, ebony frog and double pearled eyes, with a handy rosin block to give the bow the friction it needs to produce sound. These are all provided in the lightweight case with a plush-lined interior and handy shoulder and carry straps.


  • Perfect as a beginners instrument, especially when moving through different sizes
  • Quality, smart lightweight case
  • Durable integral tailpiece, 4 integral adjusters
  • Hard-wearing wooden fingerboard and pegs
  • Wooden bow and quality rosin included
  • Good quality body with a rich, glossy finish
  • A fitted bridge that is set up ready to play
  • This does not come with a shoulder rest

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