Little Star Crocodile Ukulele

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Introducing the Little Star Crocodile Ukulele, a delightful entry into the world of music for younger children.

This standard soprano ukulele features vibrant nylon strings and is adorned with a playful, colourful crocodile print on the front, designed to captivate and inspire young musicians. Its lightweight build and child-friendly size make it perfect for little hands to hold and play, offering an engaging and fun introduction to musical concepts and strumming techniques.

The nylon strings are gentle on fingers, making it easier for kids to practice and play for longer periods. Whether for classroom use, music lessons or at-home entertainment, the Little Star Crocodile Ukulele is an excellent instrument to spark a lifelong love of music in young hearts.


  • Ukulele made from durable plastic
  • Four nylon strings
  • Plectrum attached on a string
  • Fun crocodile design
  • Ideal for smaller hands

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