Nursery Rhythm Percussion Kit - 15 Instruments

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If you are looking for some instruments for a medium-sized group of children who like to make a noise and enjoy using beaters, this is a good set of exciting and rhythmic instruments consisting of a variety of percussive and interesting sounds. The kit contains a great selection of 15 percussion instruments that don’t take up much space and pack away neatly into the bamboo storage basket with the big shaman drum sitting on top.

There are two types of drums, a metal cowbell, scrapers, a pitched chime, woodblocks and clackers. There are several pairs of instruments which tend to encourage friends to choose the same instrument and work together.

Nearly all the instruments have a beater which very young children love to use and when presented with instruments with and without beaters, will nearly always choose the ones with beaters. Using beaters, especially one in each hand, helps young children to develop quite precise co-ordination and a sense of anticipation.

A large, flat-drum called a Shaman drum is included not only for your children to play but also so you can guide, lead or even take charge of the group if wanted.

Also included are a full set of 30 Music Cards with hints and ideas for 25 musical play sessions and a “What it’s called and where it’s from” card that will give you a little background on each of the instruments in the kit. Up to 14 children can play together with an adult and it’s brilliant for around 7 children at a time. For 3 years and over.

Set Includes:

  • 1 x Djembe drum (4 inch diameter)
  • 2 x Animal clacker
  • 2 x Wooden agogo
  • 2 x Chime bars
  • 1 x Shaman drum (16 inch diameter)
  • 1 x Agogo bells
  • 1 x Frog scraper (small)
  • 1 x Frog scraper (medium)
  • 2 x Guiro shaker
  • 2 x Tik tok
  • 1 x Wooden drum stick/beater
  • Set of 30 music cards
  • Bamboo storage basket

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