Nuvo Descant Recorder+


Colour: Black with Silver
Price (inc. VAT):
Sale price£14.95

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Patented silicone key covers allow for ease of covering the tone holes which will reduce bad note production. With this reduction in squeaks, children will be able to make quicker progress to more complicated music and teachers can capitalise on their maintained levels of enthusiasm. You can see why they are very popular with the younger musicians!

The larger tone holes produce a more mellow tone for the Recorder+ compared to traditional instruments. The instrument is fully chromatic and follows traditional baroque recorder fingering. 
There are three rubber rings on the bell to match the secondary colour of the instrument. Why don't you use these as a reward system to motivate players as they reach learning milestones? Or simply use them to accessorise!

As with all instruments, the Recorder+ is in concert pitch and can be washed in hot soapy water. Supplied with a recorder fingering chart, open hole covers for C, D and thumb pads as well as a neat moulded case.


  • Descant/soprano recorder+
  • 2 piece instrument
  • Supplied with moulded hard plastic case

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