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Nuvo are well established in the world of plastic woodwinds and have a range of instruments that enable young children to start learning at a very early age. Their latest creation, jSax is set to introduce aspiring musicians to the world of saxophone by offering a simplified version of the instrument.

The jSax features a traditional fingering system and will help the student to develop the correct embouchure and tuning skills that can then be applied once the student is ready to move on to a traditional saxophone. Colourful and durable, the instrument is pitched in C, making it perfect for use within a classroom environment. Nuvo jSax has a fully chromatic range from C4 to G5.

Thanks to its high quality, plastic body the jSax is reliable and requires very little care and maintenance. The instrument is crafted from lightweight polymer with silicone bell and synthetic pads making it 100% waterproof so you can play it wherever you like! Despite the waterproof construction, the Nuvo jSax has a surprisingly mellow, ear-pleasing and well balanced sound that will encourage you to play again and again. To clean your instrument, all you really need to do is wash it in some warm, soapy water and let it drip dry before you start using it again.


  • Great as an introduction to saxophone for the younger player or a fun instrument for the experienced saxophonist
  • Pitched in C (concert pitch)
  • 100% waterproof
  • Follows traditional saxophone fingering patterns
  • Lightweight polymer instrument with silicone bell
  • Snap-shut ligature
  • 5 position adjustable thumb rest
  • Supplied with 2x Nuvo synthetic reeds, open hole key plugs, jSax fingering chart, o-ring grease and case
  • Weight: 0.24kg

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