Choosing the correct size violin 

It is extremely important to choose the right size violin for your child. Although some people may say ‘they’ll grow into it’, if you don’t get the right size at the right time, it could put your child off playing for good. It is similar to buying your child a t-shirt that is 2 sizes too big.

Calculating the size of a violin

The measurement of a violin is taken along the back seam. The measurements are the entire lenth of the back, but do not include the heel button on the end of the neck.

4/4 Size: 14″ – 14 1/8″
3/4 Size: 13″ – 13 1/4″
1/2 Size: 12 1/4″ – 12 1/2″
1/4 Size: 11″ – 11 1/4″
1/8 Size: 10″ – 10 3/8″

Testing if you have the right size violin 

You can see if a violin is the right size for you, by holding it in the playing position. If the violin is the right size, the player will be able to extend their left arm and cover the scroll with their hand comfortably, and without stressing the elbow.

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There is a great selection of violins of all the popular sizes on the Normans website.

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