Whether you are putting together your Christmas shopping list or have an upcoming birthday for someone who is a keen piano/keyboard player, choosing a gift for a musician can sometimes be tricky. That’s why we have put together a list of various gift ideas that will hopefully impress your key player and help get rid of some of the stress and worry during the busy pre Christmas madness as well as throughout the year!


Gifts under £20:




Starting with the most budget-friendly option, a good quality music carrier is always handy for the musician on the go or a student. We have a wide selection of colours to choose from and this accessory will make a great stocking filler or complete your present.




Although I’m also a piano player, I’m happy to try something new, so a ukulele is always a great gift idea for any musician! These colourful little instruments are very easy to learn and produce a cheerful sound that will brighten up anyone’s day! Our ever popular US10R ukuleles come in a variety of colours and make a superb present at a great value.


A pair of headphones should be in every musician’s arsenal! Especially, if your friend or family member plays a digital instruments, good quality headset will allow them to practice silently, which will probably be appreciated by the whole family!





At Normans you can grab yourself a great bargain with popular models like TGI Audiocake or Yamaha HPH50 that will both produce a thoroughly enjoyable sound at a price of under £20!





Gifts under £50:



If, like me, your key playing friend is also a singer or entertainer, they will certainly appreciate a good quality dynamic microphone that they can use for their performances. Something like the Samson Q7 is priced well below the £50 mark yet proves itself as an exceedingly robust and great sounding microphone for the money! It also comes with a handy carry case and microphone to complete the package.




For somebody who loves all things vintage, I would recommend the Stagg 50s/60s style dynamic microphone. Not only will it add something unique and interesting with its old school design, this mic offers a great performance in a live environment and it is a truly robust and reliable piece of equipment.




For the younger keyboard enthusiast, the Casio SA-46 Keyboard makes a great introduction to music. Its 32 mini keys are perfect for small hands and it has a wide range of high quality sounds and rhythms built in for hours of exciting playing sessions. Please note, the keyboard does not come with a power adaptor, so we would recommend getting the Casio AD-E95100LE 9.5v Mains Adaptor or you can also choose to power the keyboard with some batteries.



Vital for every musician, a good quality metronome will help keep you in tune and polish off your sense of rhythm. While most digital instruments nowadays come with a built-in metronome, they still make a lovely and thoughtful gift. Wittner make great quality, precise models that are easy to set up and this mini metronome is a really nice, compact option that is not too expensive.



If you are looking for something with a slightly more substantial look, the pyramid metronome features a classic, timeless design that will look great in any home. It is very simple and easy to use, providing a great tempo range. It comes supplied with a bell too and is very popular with teachers and students alike.




If you know somebody who loves the sound of analog synthesizers, Korg Montron pocket synthesizers will make a really cool and original present. These powerful little synths are perfect for creating a variety of sounds and melodies on the go and, although they are compact, they provide 8 hours of battery life for tons of creativity!





The awesome little synthesizers are available in Delay and Duo versions and each bring something different to the table, yet both feature a great range of controls, effects and sounds that make playing them a really enjoyable experience for seasoned musicians as well as beginners.


Gifts under £100:



A collection of music books will always make a great present, especially if you know the musical taste of the musician quite well. We have a great selection of popular books available for classical music lovers, pop music fans as well as students.






A piano lamp will help preserve the piano player’s eyesight during those late night practice sessions! The Stagg model comes supplied in Black or Chrome and will illuminate the sheet music and piano keyboard. It is also great for on stage performances where lighting can be very poor – your friend or family member will thank you.



There are very few keyboards on the market below the price of £100 that I would thoroughly recommend for almost any beginner, however, the Axus AXP25 is definitely an exception! This is a great gift for anyone wanting to learn to play and it fits well within the budget! The keyboard is a really popular Christmas present with our customers and has received some great feedback.


Gifts over £100:



For more output power, the Laney AH80 is a fantastic choice and will, no doubt impress the audience. It also has a microphone input option as well as a CD/MP3 input so you can jam along to your favourite tracks or use a backing track during your performance. When it comes to amps, Laney models are certainly ones you can rely on.




If you are shopping for a truly impressive gift for somebody who enjoys composing and scoring their own pieces, the brand new Sibelius 8 software might be just what they are after! It does make quite an expensive gift, however, there is a discounted student option available too. For somebody who enjoys using notation softwares and regularly composes on their Mac or PC this would make an excellent present.



Of course, there is no better present than a new instrument! If you Christmas shopping list or birthday gift idea is based around a digital piano but you are not sure which one to choose from, please take a look at our Digital Piano Buying Guide that will give you all the knowledge you need when buying an instrument with impartial advice from our sales team and a range of different models to choose from.



6327_1_Alternatively, if you are looking to buy someone a portable keyboard, we have a great Keyboard Buying Guide available that is aimed to guide you towards the best model for you. Keyboards are a popular starter instrument, so I would also recommend reading my Top 5 Starter Keyboards of 2015 blog that focuses specifically on student instruments.




About the author

Diana was Normans Piano & Strings specialist for a number of years. She is a singer songwriter, plays piano and speaks 3 languages. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling as well as blogging about anything.