The CDP-230 is the all new digital piano from Casio. With the professional sounding grand piano sound, alongside the 200 realistic styles, musicians of all ages will love playing this amazing instrument!

One of the most important features in any digital piano is the quality of the piano sound. Casio have condensed the full acoustic piano sound, into a much more portable instrument. It is a full size, 88 note keyboard, which is brilliant for both professional and beginner players. The gradually weighted keys also replicate a true acoustic piano feel, with heavier keys at the bottom, and lighter keys at the top. As well as all this, Casio have included a 48 note polyphony, meaning more complex pieces can be mastered with ease.

The CDP-230 also includes functions of a digital keyboard, meaning this piano does all! With 700 incredible voices, you can play any instrument you wish. You can also play along with a band with the accompaniment function. Simply play a chord, and the style will follow you throughout your playing! It even accommodates for beginner players, who may not know any chords at all! Simply by pressing a few buttons, you can easily play a chord by playing only 1 note! Playing the piano has never been so simple!

This piano also allows new players to learn classic songs in a fun, practical way. By using the backlit LC display, the CDP-230 is able to teach you correct fingering, notation and other handy tips. With its wide selection of 152 built in songs, you can entertain yourself for hours! You can also take advantage of the built in recording system! Simply record yourself playing, play it back in real-time and listen to your progression.

Casio have also took time to develop little things which really help enhance your playing ability. Things such as the reverb settings, the stereo sampled piano tones and the 3 touch sensitivity levels. The reverb will add that little something to your playing, which will make you feel like you are performing in an immense concert hall. Also, the touch sensitivity levels allow more expressive playing to be achieved from delicate players. All these things help to replicate the feel and sound of an acoustic piano.

This piano would suit players of all ages. The lesson function allows beginners to grasp the concept of playing, and the gradually weighted keys alongside the touch response settings allow more professional pianists to customize their performances to suit their individual requirements. This is a great digital piano, and will inspire people of all ages to improve their playing skills!

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Jack joined the Normans Sales Team in August 2016 after taking up the piano a couple of years ago. He has performed at a few events (one being at a football ground!) He also organises charity events, which he always trys to play piano in somewhere! He hopes that he can progress further in his music career in the years to come.




  • James 01/12/2017 at 2:59 am

    I have this piano and I wanted to purchase an online piano lesson program. It requires being connected to a computer. My laptop is a Windows 10 and the user’s guide says not to run anything different than what is listed. Highest program listed is Windows 8. Would I still be OK to connect my computer to the CDP-230 or is there an update I can get?

    • Shona Callow 05/12/2017 at 2:35 pm

      Hi James,

      There will not be an update, i’m afraid. The best option is to use a computer with Windows 8.

      I would imagine this would work with Windows 10, but we cannot be certain.

      Kind regards,

      Normans Musical Instruments