beginner guitar
The 3rd Avenue STX10 range are perfect instruments for anyone who is looking for an acoustic guitar at an attractive price. Coming in multiple finishes and variations the STX10 has something for everyone. Each model within the STX10 range also includes some vital accessories for playing the guitar.

3rd Avenue STX10A Acoustic Guitars

beginner acoustic guitar The most standard models within the range are regular dreadnought style, steel-string acoustic guitars. As they are available in three finishes, there is bound to be something available for your own visual preferences. The finishes available are a traditional Natural finish, a three-colour Sunburst or a unique looking Blueburst. Perfect for beginners or schools, the 3rd Avenue STX10A Acoustic Guitars are affordable guitars that provide an ideal starting point in anyone’s musical journey. Each guitar comes with a gigbag, guitar picks, a spare set of strings and a guitar strap. Everything you’ll need to get started with playing! guitar packWith this, there are the 3rd Avenue Acoustic Guitar Premium Packs. These are the same guitars, with the same accessories, but with some extras included. These packs include a digital tuner, a guitar stand, a capo and a string winder. Due to this, they cost a little bit more, but it means saving buying a few of the extra bits separately. These additional accessories can be incredibly useful. Immediately the tuner and stand show their worth, staying in tune is an important part of learning to play. While a stand will ensure you avoid the guitar being knocked over and causing damage! The capo and string winder aren't necessarily something that will be useful right away. Once you are playing a range of pieces, or need to restring the instrument, these extras will show their worth.

3rd Avenue STX10CA Cutaway Acoustic Guitars

cutaway guitar The Cutaway Acoustic models are the same as the standard version in most aspects, though it features a cutaway dreadnought shape. This allows you to reach the higher frets with ease for playing higher notes, so it is ideal for those playing more melodic material. The accessories from the standard STX10 are still provided, so you still get a gigbag, strings, picks and a strap. The STX10CA Cutaway Acoustic guitars are limited, however, to two colours. The Natural finish is still available with this model, but it also comes in a very attractive Black finish.

3rd Avenue STX10ECA Electro Acoustic Guitars

electro acoustic guitar For those who might like to perform, record, or just play much louder, the 3rd Avenue Electro-Acoustics are great. Featuring the same body shape as the Cutaway model, this is an ideal first Electro-Acoustic. The pre-amp used features a built-in tuner with an LCD display. Along with bass, middle and treble EQ controls and a master volume control. These are perfect for sculpting your ideal tone and keeping in tune on the go. This is all powered by a 9v battery (which isn’t included) and plugs in with a standard ¼ inch jack cable. Again, as with the standard Cutaway model, this comes with all the standard accessories and comes in Natural and Black finishes. This guitar will plug into any acoustic guitar amp, PA system or recording interface. Because of this it is perfect for anyone who foresees the need for amplification. The 3rd Avenue STX10 range is ideal for beginners, or anyone looking for a good quality, affordable guitar. With a variety of colours and models available there should be something for everyone. The accessories provided will also ensure that you don't have to spend any additional money when buying your guitar.