classical guitar
The STX20 range by 3rd Avenue aims to provide affordable, good quality classical guitars in a variety of sizes and colours. Becoming a great option for beginners and schools, the 3rd Avenue STX20 range is guaranteed to help jumpstart any beginners guitar aspirations. The guitar itself, which is consistent across the range, is a nylon string classical guitar. While this design is traditionally used for Classical music, it provides a lower tension strings. This makes the guitar ideal for beginners who don’t want to struggle against steel strings, which have a higher tension. With this, the design of the guitar remains somewhat traditional. Featuring a flat fingerboard, a slotted headstock with geared tuners, and a classic rosette design around the soundhole. One thing that deviates from a fully traditional classical guitar, is that this guitar is fitted with a strap button. Because of this, the guitar can be played standing up when used with a strap.


Classical guitar Size Guide The STX20 range comes in four sizes. So, this ensures that this collection of guitars is as accessible as possible. Coming in quarter size, half size, three-quarter size and full size, this means there is a model to suit everyone. While the full-size model will be perfect for many, generally, I’d recommend than people over 11 use a full size. The other sizes ensure that ages as young as 4-6 have an option for learning to play the guitar. So, this makes it an ideal option for primary schools, as well as other young learners.


Classical Guitar Each size of this guitar has a Natural finish available. But, some other attractive finishes are featured on these guitars. The full and ¾ size models come in three finishes. Aside from the standard natural finish, a Sunburst and Blueburst are available. The sunburst is reminiscent of a classic three-colour sunburst, with a transparent yellow fading into red, fading into black. Where the Blueburst has a sapphire blue center with black-burst edges. Both very appealing finishes. The smaller sizes are, unfortunately, more limited. The half size model is currently only available in the natural finish. Though, the quarter size does come in an eye-catching pink finish. With this, the body, neck and headstock have a bubblegum pink colour, with a contrasting black body binding. A natural finish might be preferred to uphold a more neutral aesthetic for schools, but, the additional colours can make a very appealing guitar for others.


Every iteration of the STX20 guitars comes with a gigbag. Meaning you’ll have one less thing to worry about, as a gigbag is almost always the first thing that is bought along with a guitar. accessories for guitarAn additional package is available for each model of the range. This pack comes with the same gigbag as the standard model, along with a set of spare strings and a tuner. I wouldn’t expect any players buying one of these guitars to know how to change a set of strings. But, they’re great to have in case of any string breakages. This will be particularly useful in education, a snapped string can happen at any time, especially when around a class full of students. The tuner is imperative for any beginner to have. This allows you to tune up easily, and doesn’t require a lot of skill or prior experience. The 3rd Avenue STX20 range is a perfect low-budget guitar for beginners, schools or music groups. Retaining a level of quality while being cost effective. So, this is sure to get any beginners moving along quickly and comfortably.