portable keyboard

Exciting news!! Hold on to your hats!!

The highly popular ‘Axus’ range of digital instruments has expanded, with the launch of the new AXP2 Portable Keyboard exclusive to us here at Normans! Lucky for you, we’ve had the chance to play around with these here at Normans HQ, so we can tell you just how great they are!

An introduction to the keyboard...

The AXP2 has been totally designed to accommodate for new, aspiring musicians. Being a high quality Axus Digital product, the keyboard comes as standard with 61 touch sensitive keys. This is a feature which is very popular with students and education services, as it allows the player to gain experience with the different volumes that can be created. Simply play the key harder for a louder sound; press it softer for a quieter response. Touch sensitive keyboards are generally a little bit more expensive, and so is why the AXP2 has already received several recommendations due to its affordable price bracket.

Not enough for you?

AXP2 KEYBOARDWe believe that the AXP2 is excellent value for money, due to the amount of different functions all built within the keyboard. As well as the touch sensitivity, you’ll find a vast range of instrument voices and accompaniment styles all packed in! With a diverse selection of different genres and sounds to choose from, we are confident that you won’t lose inspiration playing this remarkable keyboard! From ‘rock & roll’ to ‘swing & jazz’, let your imagination take over and create some incredible sounding music. You’ll not only find a piano sound, but guitars, trumpets, drums and so much more that the list would be endless. There’s that many to choose from, you could find a different sound every day!

Still wanting more?!?

AXP2 KEYBOARDInspired again by more expensive, bigger models, the AXP2 also includes its very own Lesson Function. If you are looking to play more for a hobby rather than the standard grading system, let the keyboard teach you some built in songs without having to pay for lessons! Different teaching styles allow you to learn in your own way, without any pressure and at your own pace. This has proved to be particularly popular with children looking to ‘find their feet’ in the music world, without parents having to pay out for music lessons for an instrument they’ll stick with. For less than £100, you effectively get your very own private tutor!

Okay, you asked for it!!

AXP2 KEYBOARDIf you have read all of that but are still not completely satisfied, then read on! Worried about playing late at night without the neighbours complaining? The AXP2 caters for that, with Silent Practice. With a headphone input built straight into the back, plug in and play without disturbing anyone. Looking to play along with one of your favourite songs? You’ll find a handy AUX in port. This means you can plug in your MP3 device and play your music through the speakers! AXP2 really does have it all! Finally, the keyboard comes supplied with the power adaptor, music rest and a pair of headphones. Everything you need to get started instantly! If you are needing a stand and bench however, take a look at our Rocket accessories which are sure to catch your eye! AXP2 KEYBOARD