A-Star Tambourine
The A-Star Tambourine is a great piece of kit for any young child (or vigorous percussionist,) both in and out the classroom.

In the Beginning

This teenie-tiny half moon tambourine is ideal for children ages 3+. It's hard plastic construction make if robust while the but it has a molded grip to make it easier for the children to play! A-Star Tambourines

Key Points:

  • Play by shaking or hitting
  • 7.5cm width handle
  • Moulded sturdy grip
  • Half moon shape
  • Available in Red and Black

All the Colours of the Wind

Onto the Half Moon A-Star Tambourine... what can you say other that:

''A great buy! Fantastic quality and the colour is great! Just like the images.''

- Thomas Thomas (some guy who left a review once.)

Bright, colorful and solid. It's easy to see why children love these A-Star Tambourines.

Key Points:

  • High quality plastic construction
  • Specially moulded grip
  • Half moon shape
  • 16 jingles
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Shake or hit for great sounds
  • Available in Yellow, Red, Blue, Black and White

Keep your head

Be that head 6, 8 or 10'' hold onto it tight... it doesn't do to loose it. With their riveted heads and single row of jingles these Tambourines can do it all. You want that headless sound? Jingle away. Fancy hitting that thing? That's what the head's for! ...As I said, they can do it all.

Key Points:

  • Quality 6 inch tambourine
  • One row of Jingles
  • Pre-tuned with riveted head
  • Great addition to any percussion set
  • Suitable for ages 3 and above

But you want MORE?

No problem. Get the sparkly one.

Keeping it Simple

There is one distinct advantage of this style to Tambourine. Without the head there is one less thing that could break! These A-Star Tambourines offers a crisp, bright tone. For obvious reasons they are a popular choice with schools and children.

Key Points:

  • Headless wooden frame design
  • Loud bright tone
  • A great choice for schools
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Thumb hole
  • Natural wood frame