Axus vs Casio vs Yamaha | Digital Pianos

Three digital pianos which have changed the way in which musicians play their favourite pieces. But which one is best for you out of Axus AXD2, Casio AP-270 and Yamaha YDP144? Let’s find out.


Axus AXD2

A personal favourite of ours, the Axus AXD2 is a digital piano exclusive to us here at Normans. With ‘branded’ instruments experiencing big price rises in the last few years, AXD2 has proved to be a popular alternative to Casio and Yamaha without lacking on quality. It is essentially the same spec as any Yamaha / Casio piano. Fitted with 88 gradually weighted keys and 3 pedals all included, the AXD2 is the perfect instrument for both beginners and more professional players. Different to other digital pianos, AXD2 comes built-in with 128 instrument voices to keep you entertained. Ranging from strings to brass sounds, the choice is endless. It’s quite a rarity on digital pianos at this price!


Carrying on with the Celviano range, Casio AP-270 is also a popular choice for budding players. It’s designed to give players the best possible feel to an acoustic piano. One of the key features is the Scaled Hammer Action, which offers immediate response and is perfect for more classical complex pieces. This alongside the Tri-Sensor Levels make it a lovely piano to play. For those more experimental players, AP-270 does only come with 22 different sounds to play around with. It’s normally still enough to give you some variety in your music.


Last but certainly not least, we come to the YDP144. Following on from the success of YDP143, it’s become one of Yamaha’s most popular digital pianos. Spec-wise, it’s got less on it than both AP-270 and AXD2. With only 10 voices, it is more focused on delivering a striking CFX Concert Grand Piano tone than all the other gadgets and gizmos. Everything else is pretty much the same. Headphone connection… Yes! In-Built Recording… Yes! 3 Pedals and 88 Notes… Yes! digital-pianos