Now, at some point in every musician’s life they MUST watch the conductor and their baton. Yes, even you Trombonists! Believe me, the thin tapered stick in a conductor’s hand, is mightier than the sword! It rules the musicians. Tempo, volume, rubato, coherence, accuracy, entries, balance, to name but a few of the crucial elements it governs! We can supply you with a great, inexpensive baton. We understand that you don’t need to spend tens of pounds on a bespoke, rare wooden handled model. The correct weight, balance and length are imperative. Sonata have succeeded in achieving these key features, producing a range of ideal batons for you.

Sonata 13” Tapered Handle Batontapered-handle-baton

If your Band or Orchestra consists of less than 40 musicians, this is the perfect length. You don’t need anything longer. Easily visible to all sections (whether they’re looking or not!). The bright white bamboo wood is clearly noticeable. Offering a smooth and effortless conducting technique for any style or articulation, the Sonata 13" lightweight baton is perfectly balanced.

pear-shaped-batonSonata 15” Pear Shaped Handle Baton

For the larger musical group or orchestra, this longer baton ensures the back desks have no trouble in observing the musical shape the conductor is striving for. The pear-shaped handle is ergonomically designed to offer comfort, agility and effortless movement. The rod is coated in a durable matt white plastic. Ensuring the baton is well balanced, noticeable and light. The only thing going ‘pear-shaped’ with this excellent baton, is the handle!

Sonata 16” Tapered Handle Baton

Again, designed for the larger musical ensembles, this 16” baton is outstanding value for money. The full length can be seen from the very distant of stages and choir sections. The longer tapered handle perfectly off-sets the extra weight of the extended tapered shaft. This exact balance ensures fatigue is not a concern for the conductor, even during longer musical scores. The baton produces accuracy and coherence in every performance - as long as it is being watched! Sonata produce a huge range of the best value-for-money instruments and accessories you can find. We offer them all, with total confidence they will not break the bank, and won’t let you down. This range of batons are truly excellent and suitable for any amateur or professional musical group.