CMPSR & Arrownotes: Transforming Music Education with Accessible Digital Instruments

Bridging the gap between traditional music education teaching methods and the fast-paced innovations of the modern music world is essential yet challenging. At Normans, we recognise these challenges and are excited to introduce an innovative solution that simplifies music-making while keeping it exciting and accessible: CMPSR & Arrownotes.

The Revolution of CMPSR: Easy Access, Endless Possibilities

Imagine distilling a full piano keyboard into a single, easy-to-use joystick. That's what CMPSR does. It's designed to let anyone, regardless of musical training, play harmonious sounds and engaging tunes with a simple movement of a finger. Split into 8 zones, the joystick allows players to emit musical notes from a selected scale, ensuring that only compatible notes are played together. This intuitive design means that with simple gestures, students can produce everything from beautiful chords to rhythmic bass lines.

The beauty of CMPSR lies in its compatibility with any music-making app across various devices. Whether it’s string ensembles or electronic beats, CMPSR provides the gateway to explore them all. For educators and students alike, this means engagement from the get-go. The instrument comes with sets of compatible instruments and ready-made tracks, making it possible to start creating music in seconds.

Arrownotes: Simplifying Music Notation for Everyone

Traditional music notation can be daunting. Arrownotes changes the game by simplifying music notation into intuitive arrow directions that are easy to understand and use. This innovative approach to music education flips the traditional learning curve on its head. Students can now progress from beginners to composers without the years of study typically required, using intuitive directions to guide their musical creations.

Arrownotes is designed to be accessible, taking users from basic levels to more advanced traditional notation. This system is ideal for the classroom, making it a perfect fit for the National Plan for Music Education’s directive for inclusive, high-quality music education.

How does CMPSR work?

Aligning with the National Plan for Music Education

The National Plan for Music Education encourages schools to adopt a Music Development Plan that ensures children, regardless of ability, access high-quality music education. CMPSR and Arrownotes stand at the forefront of this initiative, offering tools that not only modernise the music curriculum but also prepare students for the creative industries.

By integrating CMPSR and Arrownotes into music education, teachers can provide a more dynamic, inclusive and effective learning experience. These tools are designed to empower students, enabling them to quickly engage with music technology and composition in a way that excites them and enhances their learning.

At Normans Musical Instruments, we are committed to supporting music educators with the latest innovations in music technology. CMPSR and Arrownotes are part of our mission to make music accessible and enjoyable for every student, helping to nurture the next generation of musicians and creators.

As Music Educators, you are able to book an online call with Digit Music, the developers of CMPSR and Arrownotes, to discover more about the benefits of CMPSR and have a guided demo with the creators. Click here to book in a slot for a call.