children using Cosmo with an iPad

Cosmo re-imagines inclusive learning, therapy and play for people with additional learning needs. Dedicated to empowering people of all abilities and ages to live to the fullest of their potential, Cosmo’s captivating activities and interactive features keep learners fully immersed and excited throughout their educational journey

The Cosmo Learning System

Cosmo is made up of two parts: smart, dynamic and visually appealing buttons called “Cosmoids” and an iPad app featuring highly motivating and intuitive activities. Co-designed by therapists and special educators, the multi-sensory activities work towards achieving skill-based, functional and national curriculum-compatible goals to reimagine learning, play and therapy.


Irrespective of the Cosmo package you purchase, each Cosmoid can be used in two ways:

1. Play activities and games on the Cosmo Training app (iPad only)

2. Set up as an accessibility switch using Switch Setup app (iOS & Android) to use third party apps and devices.

Cosmo Training App

Cosmo’s captivating iPad activities and interactive features keep learners fully immersed and excited throughout their educational and therapy journey.

Cosmo offers a broad selection of activities that are specifically designed to motivate learners to develop essential cognitive, communication and physical skills through the medium of play and music. The multi-sensory activities not only make learning fun but also work towards achieving skill-based, functional and national curriculum-compatible goals. These interactive activities have been meticulously co-designed by therapists and special educators to reimagine the concepts of learning, play and therapy.

Exploring the Cosmo Range

To cater to different educational needs and settings, Cosmo offers four distinct products: Cosmo Excel with Training and Premium Activities, Cosmo Excel, Cosmo Explore, and Cosmo Switch. Each product offers unique features and benefits tailored to specific learning environments and goals.

1. Cosmo Excel with Training and Premium Activities

The Cosmo Excel with Training and Premium Activities is the most comprehensive offering in the Cosmo product line. It includes the full suite of Cosmoids, providing a rich array of interactive and multi-sensory experiences. This package also comes with premium activities that are designed to enhance the learning experience further. Additionally, it includes training sessions for educators and therapists, ensuring that they can effectively integrate Cosmo into their teaching and therapy sessions.

2. Cosmo Excel

The Cosmo Excel package provides the same robust set of Cosmoids as the Cosmo Excel with Training and Premium Activities, but without the added premium activities and training sessions. It is ideal for schools and therapy centres that already have a strong foundation in using multi-sensory tools and are looking to expand their resources.

3. Cosmo Explore

Cosmo Explore includes a selection of Cosmoids that introduce the fundamental interactive and multi-sensory activities available in the Cosmo ecosystem. This package is perfect for smaller settings or for those who want to start with a more manageable investment before committing to the more comprehensive packages.

4. Cosmo Switch

The Cosmo Switch is the most streamlined product in the Cosmo range, designed to offer essential accessibility functions. Access AAC, navigate devices, control media players, play video games and more. It is an excellent choice for individuals or settings that need a simple, yet effective accessibility switch. The Cosmo Switch can be used in conjunction with other Cosmo products or as a standalone tool for specific educational and therapeutic activities.

“I think Cosmo is one of the most exciting and versatile pieces of inclusive technology I've come across in some 15 years working in special education. I've implemented Cosmo with learners across different settings and needs - including PMLD, SLD and ASD. It's been effective in supporting many areas of the curriculum including social skills, communication, attention and movement”

Ben Anett, Advisory Teacher

Suitability for Music Education in SEND Settings

Music education plays a critical role in the development of children with special educational needs. The interactive and multi-sensory nature of Cosmo makes it particularly well-suited for SEND settings. By integrating music and play, Cosmo helps to create an inclusive and stimulating learning environment where all students can thrive. The carefully designed activities promote engagement, enhance communication skills, and support physical development.

Moreover, Cosmo's alignment with national curriculum goals ensures that the learning objectives are met while providing a fun and engaging experience for the students. The collaboration with therapists and special educators in designing these activities ensures that they are not only educational but also therapeutic, addressing the holistic needs of the students.