The Best Christmas Gifts for Brass Players? Easy; conductors with a slight hearing deficiency. Composers that don’t write PP and... a free bar!! Unfortunately, I don’t think Santa can provide my wishes, neither can Normans Musical Instruments. We can provide some brilliant Christmas gifts that will make any brass musician ecstatic and merrily on high!

A Star is Born

Let us start with the very best of presents anyone could wish for. A beautiful, pristine, quality, high-end instrument. The brand new and exclusive Montreux Brass Instrument Range is taking the UK by storm. Designed by the very best, for the very best. Using the ethos and historical quality of Boosey & Hawkes as a blueprint. The Montreux Brass Range has received nothing but the highest of reviews. Using only the finest materials and precision engineering during production, the sound quality will astound you - and when you see the price, you will think all your Christmas’s have come at once! Montreux have provided an exceptional, professional range of instruments that cease to amaze. Each of the Cornet, Tenor Horn, Baritone, Euphonium and Eb Tuba sound similar to the most expensive instruments on the market (at a fraction of the cost). No corners have been cut in the design and build quality of this range. From the advanced tuning triggers on the cornet, the ergonomic shape of the tenor horn, to the fully compensating euphonium. All perfectly finished with a deep and resonant silver plate and protected in a deluxe case. Montreux really is the ‘star’ for you to follow this Christmas!

Do you know someone who wishes for their first brass instrument as this year’s Christmas gift? You’ve hit the jackpot, I introduce you to our bestselling Montreux Student range. Designed as a quality and affordable student instrument range, Montreux meet all the demands of enthusiastic beginners. Manufactured using fine yellow-brass for an easy and bright sound production. Each instrument will not disappoint. From the reliable valves, to the smooth slides, each instrument offers a great entry level of playability. Cornet, Trumpet, Tenor Horn, Trombone, Baritone, 3-Valve Euphonium and the Eb compact Tuba are the pinnacle of value-for-money. Every musicians dream scenario. Personally, I am astounded at the cost vs quality. The sound, ease of playing, the tone and projection... even the cases are magnificent. There is no puzzle or anagram to solve this Christmas, “O Santa, please, please, can I have a Montreux”!

Stocking Fillers (mind you, I’m going nowhere near the socks of the Tuba Section!!)

Here are my ‘Top Accessories for Brass Players’;
  1. Mute; Here at Normans we have a vast range of mutes from Denis Wick, including Straight, Cup, Fibre, Plunger, Harmon (extending tube) and Practice.
  2. Gig Bag; Treat your loved ones to a beautiful and protective new Gig Bag this Christmas. Available for all instruments, by the popular makers Chord, Stagg, Champion, Sonata, and the award-winning and bespoke Tom & Will.
  3. Maintenance Essentials; Everything to keep your instrument clean and operational, be it polishing cloths, grease, valve oil/slide cream and brushes etc.

Hark! The Normans Angels Sing (not me though; I sound like an out-of-tune Northern Elvis!!)

If you are looking for the best, from the best this Christmas, Normans Musical Instruments have some of the world’s finest brass instruments on offer. From the reliable Yamaha range to the outstanding Montreux instruments. No matter what your budget, Norman’s have the ideal gift this Christmas for any discerning brass player.

“On the First Day of Christmas my True Love gave to me, a new Montreux instrument, 2 brilliant mutes, 3 valve oil bottles, 4 cleaning kits…..and a Normans 5 Year warranty”!!