One of the most asked questions from first time musicians. With a whole range of portable keyboards on the market, each with different designs and functions, which one is best to buy? Here at Normans, we stock models from Yamaha, Casio and our exclusive brand Axus. Perfect for players taking their first steps in music education.


Introducing the AXP10. A fantastic starter instrument for anyone interested in the keyboard, without breaking a £100 budget. Great value for money, it includes a pair of headphones for silent practice, music rest and power adaptor. A selection of instrument sounds and backing styles are pre-loaded into the keyboard ready and allow you to explore different genres of music.

axp2-keyboardA STEP UP...

Climbing up the ladder, and one of our most popular beginner keyboards, the Axus AXP2. Being the first keyboard closest to the £100 price bracket with touch sensitivity, it is a 'must have' for learners. With all of the extra voices and styles as well, expect hours of musical creativity.


Skipping a few models and changing brand, we move to Yamaha PSRE363. With an increase in price, this keyboard offers a similar specification to others, with improved sound quality and Yamaha’s renowned Education Suite.

yamaha-piaggero-electronic-keyboardWould you like a Yamaha keyboard without all the buttons and gadgets?

Have a look at Yamaha NP12 and NP32. Both focus on delivering a pure piano sound and feel, in a lightweight, simple design. They have a few different sounds to play around with, but are more equipped for dealing with arpeggios and scales for instance.

Is it a requirement to have extra buttons, features and effects?

casio-76-note-keyboardLook no further than the Casio WK-7600. It is packed full of functions, which will keep you entertained for hours on end. Not as popular for education, but great for music production.