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What can Drumming do for your child?

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When you hear about instruments being beneficial to a child development, it probably calls to mind images of a young violinist, or a pianist prodigy. The thought of a child on a drum set may not be the first thought that springs to mind. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn't confer the same benefits as playing any other instrument, if not more.

Drumming Improves Physical Health

This one’s a softball for our list: Drumming is quite possibly one of the most physically intensive instruments out there. Playing the drums combines vigorous upper body motion with frequent lower-body movement. Some sources cite an hour of spirited drumming can burn somewhere between 400 to 600 calories! There certainly aren’t many instruments that can give you such a workout. This is a tangible benefit to drumming that a lot of other instruments can’t offer.girl drumming

Drumming Improves Mental Health, Too!

A majority of studies support the connection between drumming and improved social function. It has been shown to sometimes benefit symptoms of anxiety, depression, and even aggression. In addition, aside from helping mitigate the symptoms of some behavioural disorders, the act of syncing up mind and body with rhythm and beat can be almost meditative. Regular practice has been linked to improved problem solving aptitude, general mental stability, and heightened creativity.

Drumming Is Good For The Immune System

So, we know that drumming is good for the body in a muscular and cardiovascular sense. Furthermore, some research indicates it’s good for the body on a cellular level, as well. While a relatively new field of study, there is research coming to light, indicating a strong link between regular drumming and a more robust immune system. Experts theorise that this is a byproduct of healthy physical and brain activity.

Drumming Can Make Your Child More Social

Drumming isn’t just a good physical workout and a way to sharpen your child’s intellect, but may also help make them more social. It increases confidence and healthy self-perception and also acts as a inroad to an entire musical community. Playing the drums enables your child to connect with like-minded individuals, collaborate and play music with friends. Maybe they will even join a band!

Drumming Encourages Good Habits

This tip isn’t unique to the drums, but rather is a selling point for any instrument or hobby. Having a passion for music is a gift at any stage of life, but introducing routine and a progress based system with clear milestones into a child’s daily life is a very good thing down the road. They will learn to manage time, practice consistently and see results of their hard work as they improve over time.

Drumming Improves Motor Skills

Developing hand-eye coordination is important for playing the drums, and can help sharpen motor control in a younger child much like sports, video games and physical activities can. Drumming also introduces rhythm and timing alongside fine motor control. This means it gives a lot of kinesthetic experience in a single package.

Drumming Is Fun!

This is something that might get overlooked when considering the benefits of playing the drums: The drums are fun! They’re very physical, reward high energy and are tangibly satisfying to learn. Kids with a lot of excess energy will take to learning the drums like a fish to water. It can provide an outlet for all that boundless energy, something that will help child and parent alike.

Having your child take up the drums may be noisy, but it also comes with a wide array of developmental benefits. So, don’t be afraid to encourage an interest in the drums... Although it might not be a bad idea to invest in some noise cancelling headphones, or a digital drum kit with volume control! The CSD-100 drum kit bundle is a great starting point for the budding musician, whilst also having the great quiet drumming features!