There are so many different models of clarinet out there now-a-days, and I know if can be tough to find the perfect one for you. It's like finding a needle in a haystack. So, to make your life a little easier, we have found the Best Selling Clarinets Of 2019 and listed them below. You can thank me later!

Sonata Student Bb Clarinet

sonata-student-clarinetSonata is our best-selling brand of woodwind, and certainly one of the best selling clarinets. They sell woodwind, brass, accessories and much more. But more importantly, let’s talk about the clarinet. It is tested and loved by beginners, students, and teachers due to many different things...
  1. It is excellent value for money
  2. It's made with an ABS body and sounds great through the range
  3. Features high quality pads and keywork
  4. Come with everything you need to get started; bag, carry case, shoulder straps, reed, mouthpiece, ligature, mouthpiece cap and cork grease
The Sonata Clarinet is also available in a Pack. It includes everything from above with some added extras. There is a stand for when you are not playing your clarinet so it doesn't get damaged. A care kit for keeping it clean and ultimately giving it a longer-life span and keeps it playing easier. There is also a pack of 10 reeds which will keep you stocked up for a while. You won't have to worry about damaging or losing your reed because you will have plenty of back-ups. Have a listen yourself…

Buffet Prodige Bb Clarinet

buffet-prodige-clarinetFollowing it’s predecessor, the B12, this clarinet is one of the best student clarinets on the market. It's made from co-polymer ABS resin which looks and sounds like it is made from grenadilla wood, which is what most professional clarinets are made from. Also comes in pack which includes the following;
  • Buffet Prodige Bb Clarinet
  • Clarinet stand
  • Care kit
  • Box of 10 x 1 1/2 reeds

Yamaha YCL255S Bb Student Clarinet

This Yamaha model is a great student model and will be able to take you well into your higher grades. It is made from good quality matte ABS resin, which offers both the look and feel of a wooden instrument, and nickel silver keys. The clarinet is supplied with many accessories, including a 4C mouthpiece. This new model also has a stronger thumb rest with a bigger surface; this will make a massive difference when playing as to how comfortable you are. I know my thumb always gets sore when playing, so this would be a massive help. I will say no more. Watch our review of this model!

Buffet E11 Bb Clarinet Outfit

buffet-e11-clarinetA step up from their beginner Prodige model, this clarinet helps close the gap between the intermediate and professional instruments. The E11 is crafted from stained African blackwood that not only provides a better sound quality, but also adds to the longevity and durability of the instrument.

Double fish skin pads and stainless steel springs (features of a professional clarinet) allows for flawless key action, making it a high responsive instrument, and will ensure your clarinet continues to serve you for years to come. It features a unique, German-style bore that is a little wider, which creates a beautiful, resonant tone.

Buffet E13 Bb Clarinet with Gig Bag Style Case

buffet-clarinet-with-gig-bagThe Buffet E13 is anther popular model that straddles the gap between intermediate to professional clarinet. It is made from grenadilla wood, which has the most balanced and great sound projection. The silver-plated, ergonomic key design and blue steel springs is improved for comfort and ease of playing with excellent key response. To prevent leaking of air, the double fish skin pads allows excellent air tightness and easy response. This is often a problem so this will stop you having to keep going back for repairs so often, ultimately making it longer lasting. Here’s what some customers had to say…

‘For an intermediate clarinet it is the best priced around. The quality and sound is fantastic. Highly recommend. Backpack is great for kids.’

‘Thank you for the Buffet E13- fantastic sound and superb price...’

‘A wonderful instrument with clarity of sound and ease of use’