For a beginner, a guitar pack is going to be an ideal solution for their first instrument. They ensure the most value for money, and make it so you don’t have to get confused buying individual items. Most guitar packs will come with, at the minimum, a gigbag on top of the guitar itself. From here, the other accessories are often a matter of taste. Most beginners will be learning on a classical guitar due to the ease of playing them. Due to this, I will only outline the best options for classical guitar packs for beginners.

3rd Avenue Guitar Packs

full-size-classical-guitar-pack3rd Avenue offers a large number of affordable guitar packs which are ideal for beginners. Offering the full range of sizes, ¼, ½, ¾ and full sizes, they are great for any size or age of player. These guitar packs come with a gigbag, a guitar tuner and a spare set of strings. While at first a beginner won’t find a lot of use for a tuner, it’s handy to have once you start to become capable of tuning the guitar yourself. The spare strings ensure that, while rare, if a string snaps, you’re not stopped from practicing! With this, the 3rd Avenue guitars come in a range of colours to suit your style. They are available in Natural, Blueburst, Redburst, Sunburst and Pink.

Rocket Guitar Packs

Rocket have been a very popular brand for beginner instruments for many years. Due to this, they have great options in terms of beginner guitar packs. rocket-classical-guitar-packRocket offer two levels of their packs, the standard and the premium. The Rocket standard packs are available in ½, ¾ and full sizes. They come with a gigbag, some guitar picks and a capo. Whereas, the Premium pack comes with a gigbag, some guitar picks, a tuner and a spare set of strings and only comes in ¾ or full size. Not everyone will use a capo which might make the Premium pack a more suitable option. Though, the standard pack is more affordable, and has the most fundamental accessories included.

Yamaha Guitar Packs

Yamaha offer two great packs, though, they are a lot more expensive than the other brands I have mentioned. The Yamaha guitar packs only come in full size and include a Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar. The Standard Pack comes with a gigbag and a guitar tuner. The next level up, the Performance Pack, comes with a gigbag, a tuner, a guitar stand and a foot stool. These packs are more ideal for someone with a higher budget, or who is sure to stick with the instrument. yamaha-guitar-packs