Brass Instruments for Primary Schools
In the ‘Good ‘Ole Days’, musical families and parents influenced their offspring to follow in their performing footsteps. This meant there was never a shortage of Brass Instruments for Primary Schools Brass Bands. Today we are lucky! Primary Schools, as part of their curriculum initiative, introduce the students to the principals of music through excellent, teacher-led activities. Singing, rhythmic percussion, and the ‘mighty’ recorder are staples of this early education. Later in Years 3+ many schools introduce woodwind, strings and brass lessons with outstanding success. If it wasn’t for the dedication and enthusiasm of all these teachers, parents, and the pupils themselves, the prospect for children to develop, learn and prosper, both musically and academically, would diminish. In this article, I will introduce you to the great and affordable range of Brass Instruments that we offer, to give budding brass players the ideal start on their musical journey.


Plastic Brass instruments? A contradiction: Yes. Absolutely Brilliant: OH YES! In my day at Primary School we all used to get free milk, provided by the Government, to aid our health & wellbeing. All I can say is this, Westminster… Education Secretary (before you lose your job!)… provide a class set of ‘pInstruments’ to every Primary School in the UK and watch music, child development and happiness in Primary Schools improve beyond your wildest dreams. Now, the words deaf, falling and ears spring to mind. As such schools themselves have to take the initiative, and they can rely on us to support them. These amazing, lightweight, great-sounding instruments are the perfect answer to developing all of the skills of musicianship pupils will thrive on. Not only musically brilliant, they come in a range of appealing colours, are easy to clean, and are sort of indestructible! Want to know more? Check out our pBrass blog:

Sonata Cornet

Brass & traditional. Beautiful and sonorous. The Sonata SCR701 Cornet, as with all of the Sonata range, offers the perfect instrument for beginners, at the perfect price. This student Cornet is made from high quality materials resulting in a robust, well-made instrument. It features a 1st and 3rd valve slide finger ring so the tuning can be adjusted while playing and good quality valves to make faster passages easier for smaller fingers. The outfit is completed with a good quality Bach inspired mouthpiece and stylish cornet case featuring a useful accessory pocket and backpack style straps.

Sonata Trumpet

Built to the same high and dependable standard as the Cornet, Sonata has also produced the equally accessible and affordable STR701 Trumpet. Using carefully selected resonant yellow brass with a rose brass lead pipe (more copper content to give a warmer tone,) this Sonata Trumpet will give many years of excellent service in all genres of Primary School bands and musical groups. As with the Cornet, it comes complete with all accessories and a great, protective case.

Sonata Trombone

The ‘King’ of Instruments: The mighty trombone! I remember when I got my first trombone and managed to play Dexy’s Geno to my school friends. Cool they said! Mind you, they then used my old-style case for a goalpost. Lets be honest, they appreciated that much more than my playing! When I first encountered the Sonata Trombone, I was literally ‘blown away’ at how good it is. And how affordable! A bright tone with a superb projection produced by its yellow brass construction. A great, smooth slide making for excellent articulation. Plus, all kept safe in in high quality case. Perfect! If a Primary School student is wanting to gain entry into instrumental Royalty, this is the ideal instrument. Long shall they reign!

Elkhart 100 French Horns

The Elkhart F (aka full sized) and the Bb (aka mini) French Horns are ideal for students. They offer easy playability, a rich tone and give good response across its range. It is lightweight and comfortable to hold. Thus it's ideal for young horn players who may have previously found the French Horn too big or heavy. Professionally finished in lacquer, the horn is priced to be great value. All in all it's an ideal starting instrument for all students. The Elkhart Mini French Horn is the pick of a new breed of student instruments which combine compact, lightweight design and an affordable price tag.

Sonata Eb Tenor Horn

The STH701 Tenor Horn continues with the sonata ethos of thoughtfully designed specifically for beginners. It is made from high quality yellow brass, resulting in a robust, well-made instrument. Similar to the Trumpet, it features a rose brass lead pipe which promotes an increased warmth and quality of sound. The specially designed valves make it easier for smaller fingers to play. The instrument comes complete with a mouthpiece and a stylish case featuring useful accessory pocket and backpack style straps.

Primary Target

It is imperative to our ethos, that here at Normans, we continue to do all we can to promote and support our youngest generations in the art of Music. Primary Schools understand the importance of musical education. They understand how it improves academic progress and team work, as well as giving students a great sense of achievement of becoming entertainers.