Why Everyone Should Own a Ukulele
The Ukulele has rose massively in popularity over recent years. Obviously this is because they are a fun and simple instruments that anyone can pick up. They find their way into schools, homes and many music groups. There is no reason that should prevent anyone from picking one up and learning a few tunes.

Ease of use

The simplistic nature of this instrument means that people of all ages and skill levels can be proficient. The four nylon strings mean that callouses are less essential than on other steel sting-ed instrument. Also, 4 fingers - 4 strings makes things a bit easier to understand!So easy a baby can - sorta - do it The basic chord shapes used are intuitive and comfortable. With these basic chords, you can learn most basic songs. The biggest hurdle faced with learning the ukulele is changing between the chord shapes. But once these chords are internalised - and you reach a level of comfort while playing them - your changes will be much smoother.ukulele chord


Ukuleles, unlike many other instruments, tend to be affordable even at the high end of the quality spectrum. While you can spend upwards of £1,000 on one, why? Generally you can get a *really* high quality models for £150-£300. Most Ukuleles can be bought for as little as under £20. This makes them incredibly accessible. If it’s something you are just trying out, a lower priced model is ideal. The Soprano Ukulele is the instrument that normally springs to mind when people think of a Ukulele. Although, Ukuleles are available in other registers and sizes. Concert Ukuleles offer the same tuning and pitch of a Soprano Ukulele. Their larger body creates better projection than a standard Soprano model. Tenor Ukuleles are generally tuned to the same pitches as a Soprano. Though rather than the G being tuned higher than the C, it is tuned an octave lower. By tuning the instrument low to high, the Tenor Ukulele is a little more like other stringed instruments. Baritone Ukuleles are tuned much lower: DGBE. This is 5 semitones lower than the standard Soprano GCEA. A Baritone can be played as a stand-alone instrument. However, they are more suited to ensemble playing. Concert, Tenor and Baritone Ukuleles tend to cost more than a standard Soprano Ukulele. Although they are worth looking into if you may not feel at home with a Soprano Ukulele. (ahem - Big fingers - ahem)


Many Ukulele models also come in a multitude of colours. While being available in a natural finish, these colourful options allow for a bit more fun. Want to pick your favourite colour? Match with a group? stand out from the crowd? Luckily we provide a wide pallet of colours. Aside from physical variety, Ukuleles are a versatile instrument that can be used for various styles of music. Known mostly for strumming chords and providing a light-hearted accompaniment to vocals or other instruments, by no means is the Ukulele bound to simplistic playing styles. There are many Ukulele players who play complex chord-melody pieces where the ukulele provides both the melody and the harmony of a piece, spanning genres from pop to jazz. So, despite the association of the Ukulele being a beginner’s instrument, it does have a more advanced side which is great to progress to if you find yourself uninspired by simply strumming some tunes out.
Too much choice?
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