With beginner musicians in mind, the new Casio CDP-S100 is the perfect starter instrument to spark your love with music. Lets have a look to see what makes it stand out from all the rest!

Reliable, authentic touch

Of course, one of the most important features when buying your starter piano is how it feels. The CDP-S100 boasts a new Scaled Hammer Action II Mechanism, replicating the traditional weighting of an acoustic piano. This is truly a great starting point for hopeful pianists. casio-keys

Take it anywhere

Something which is very unique with the CDP-S100 is the versatility. With the piano only coming in at 10.5kg in weight, this is the perfect instrument to take to your lessons and concerts. As well as this, you can power it with batteries! Unlike any other Casio model, this can be played without having to be next to a plug socket!

casio-digital-piano-speakerExpressive, real sound

Not affected by its slimline design, the CDP-S100 includes a new Dynamic Stereo Sound Engine and a dual 8W built-in speaker system. Enough power for the home or classroom, this provides an immersive sound which beginner players can fully enjoy!

Improved connectivity

The CDP-S100 has been designed with additional connections which enhance the overall playing experience. It is now fully compatible with IOS and Android devices, meaning it can be combined with Casio’s free ‘Chordana Play Piano’ app. You’ll also find a USB connection and a 3.5mm Aux In socket to listen to your music.

What is this app you talk about?

casio-digital-piano-appDefinitely something to talk about is the ‘Chordana Play’ app. Connected with your piano, it can show you how to play over 100 famous classical pieces. It’s great for beginners looking to learn their first piece, without having to pay out for music lessons. You can also view the music in a PDF format, using either an IOS or Android device.

If you do have any questions about the CDP-S100, please do get in touch with us!