Now, as you can imagine, there are many similarities between the hugely popular original pBone and pBone Mini Trombones, plus the obvious difference; one’s smaller! But, there is one HUGE difference, so it is important you read on!


Both pBones are extraordinarily strong. The ABS one-piece bell and fibre glass slide won’t dent if knocked or dropped like a traditional brass trombone. This reassures beginners to play without the fear of damaging the instrument. Remember, that the slides need minimal maintenance, and do improve over time with more playing time.


Of course, the first attraction of the pBone is the array of fun colours the instrument is available; Black, White, Red, Blue, Purple, Orange, Green, and Yellow. While the pBone mini is available only in Red or Blue. Remember, here at Normans Musical Instruments we stock them all! pbone--plastic-trombone-colours

He’s Not Heavy, He’s my pBrother”!

When you first hold a pBone, you’re astounded by how lightweight they are. When you compare them to the weight of a traditional brass trombone, weighing about 7kg, the pBone weighs 0.8kg and the mini, a featherweight 0.4kg. If it’s windy outside, make sure you keep a tight hold of it!!

Buzz Lightyear

Mouthpiecespbone-plastic-trombone-mouthpiece are provided with both versions of the pBone; one smaller rimmed and shallow cupped with the pBone Mini (12c size), but you get two with the full-sized version (6 1/2AL and a 11C). Both versions of these fantastic, plastic instrument packages are safely stored in their own black nylon bags, or you can upgrade to a Tom & Will Deluxe Bag?


So, the HUGE main difference between the pBone and pBone Mini Trombones, other than the points above, is the pitch/key. A bit like the comparison between a Tenor Saxophone and an Alto. The original pBone is similar in size to traditional brass trombones, and therefore in the same pitch/key, i.e. Concert pitch, or Bb if you are playing in Treble Clef. Whereas the pBone Mini could be categorised as an Alto Trombone, and is in the key of Eb. difference-pbone-mini This is absolutely fine if you are simply playing on your own or within a group of pBone Mini’s, are playing specially written out music, or even playing Alto Clef. But, if you try to play Bass Clef or Treble Clef Trombone parts within a Band or Orchestra, you will be playing the wrong notes!!


Two amazing fun and unbelievable sounding trombones. Simply the best way to either start playing the Trombone, or look better on stage while doing so! Both the pBone and its smaller sibling, the pBone Mini, offer a great tone and exciting sound. Your only decision is, which size and which pitch will suit you better?