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Is your ukulele bag beginning to a look a little tired? You may have travelled between practise and holidays. Not to mention various family and friends giving playing your ukulele a go. Looking after your ukulele is important and a gig bag can make all the difference in preventing marks and showing signs of use. A fun instrument, worth taking care of. There are four sizes of ukulele. To ensure you choose the right case for your uke, I’ve categorised the bags and cases in relation to their size. Making the choosing process very easy. soprano-ukulele-gigbag


A lightweight bag which is extremely popular is the Rocket Padded Gig Bag. It’s black in colour with white details. However, if you fancy something a little brighter, I’d go for the Tom & Will Padded Gigbags in either a Persian style pattern or the classic stripe.


For this ukulele, I’d recommend the Stagg Deluxe Case. It’s popular due to its robust design paired with a great style. Included inside the case is an internal compartment for accessory storage and a plush interior.


A tenor ukulele is ideal for a gigging player. Therefore, the gig bag I’d recommend is the Stagg Tenor Ukulele Bag. It is more of a case than a bag, due to reinforcements at the top and bottom and a plush interior surrounding the moulded section to hold your instrument. This one even comes with a shoulder strap!


The largest ukulele of them all. This size of uke makes a great ukulele for a gigging player also. With similar features to the tenor ukulele bag above, the main difference to this Stagg Baritone Ukulele Bag, is the size. A plush case, with elegant curves and selectively placed reinforcement. This ukulele gig bag is ideal for keeping your instrument safe. Should you need any further accessories, look at this blog. Including tuners, spare strings, straps and more.