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If you have already purchased a Clarinet it is important that you care for it with the correct accessories. In this article, I will highlight the perfect Clarinet Accessories available that will ensure your clarinet is ‘squeak-free’ and performs a Rhapsody that won’t make you Blue! 



The majority of Clarinets come with a mouthpiece, ligature and sometimes some free reeds. What if the mouthpiece and reeds aren’t suitable? What if you break your mouthpiece? Where do you go for all your mouthpiece needs? Normans... obviously! Mouthpieces affect the intonation, articulation and tone. As such it is important that you have a good quality and suitable one. My recommendations are based principally on performance quality. However, I am also taking into consideration the price range and their value for money.

Starting out

You have just started the Clarinet. You need an inexpensive, consistent and high-quality mouthpiece. Well, there is none better than our Montreux Student Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece. At under £15 these mouthpieces are manufactured to the highest standard, featuring durable plastic construction and a well-engineered tenon cork around the joint area enabling a good fit. It is this quality and attention to detail that allows you to achieve an easy blowing capability and a good tone.

The Higher Grade Option

The Yamaha 4C mouthpieces are made out of high-quality phenol resin (plastic) and feature a design based upon the top grade Custom Series. They are extremely consistent in specifications and playing quality, and offer excellent value for their price. 


Mouthpiece Caps

Dropped it. Lost it. Stood on it... It wasn’t my fault, it was in my case, honest! All answers received by parents and teachers from their children as to why they don’t have their cap! (Also applicable to the forgetful-clumsy adult.) Don’t worry, for under £5 you can have a shiny new plastic Montreux Mouthpiece Cap.


Reeds are marked with a number. The higher the number the ‘stronger’ or harder the reed is. Beginners usually start with a 1, 1 ½ or even 2 strength reed. There are of course other variables, like what type of mouthpiece you’re using, brand of reed, ligature etc. Also remember that, particularly if you’re a beginner, you may change strength in the future so don’t buy too many!

Starting out

Montreux Bb Clarinet Reeds suit all styles of music. These reeds deliver a high level of support and sound production, offering encouragement to clarinetists no matter the complexity of their music. Perfect for everyone from new students to experienced players, the quality specially selected cane produces a rich round sound, with easier articulation to aid players of all abilities.

Mid-advanced range

The Rico Eb is a great all-round reed from beginners to professionals. Designed to vibrate easily, featuring an unfiled cut and thinner vamp, these reeds give you the flexibility and reliability for various playing styles and genres. 

The Higher Grade Option

Vandoren Bb reed is designed to professional quality to ensure an extremely pure sound is produced. These Parisian reeds, manufactured from elegant cane is one of the most widely used reeds around the world.



 Our Recommendation 

The Montreux Student Bb clarinet ligature is designed for use on all Bb clarinets and can be used with all mouthpieces. It is ideal for beginners or students and will keep your reed securely in place whilst playing. The ligature is nickel-plated and is adjustable through the two screws on the front.

Bonus Accessories

StandExceptionally stable stand for flute or clarinet with heavy, cast iron base.

Pull-through - This cotton handkerchief style cloth has a weighted cord to make cleaning out your instrument easy.

Care KitThis care kit gives you all the tools you need to keep your instrument in A grade condition.

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