Essential Trumpet Accessories

Whatever standard of player you are from a beginner or playing with the LSO; here are some essential equipment that you need to hand when you're playing your trumpet. In the words of the scouts organisation “be prepared”. Being prepared allows you to perform at your best. Always take what you need and more to make sure you don’t have any problems that could waste your time. It’s just like owning a car; you have to look after it so it doesn’t breakdown. I will be looking at the must-haves for trumpet players. I would recommend these items to be kept in your case. Firstly let me ask you a question. What is important to the trumpet?

1. Valve Oil


I bet you have said the valves. This is why you should always keep a bottle of good quality valve oil in your case. The most popular valve oil that we sell is Blue Juice. Blue Juice is designed to give super fast valve action whilst having a special formula to make sure it stays on the valves so you can use it less often than other brands. Blue Juice has a secret formula which means it has built in inhibitors to prevent the growth of bacteria. This is especially useful for those people who don’t wash out their trumpet in the bath regularly.

To see which valve oil is best for your needs why don't you have a look at this blog.

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2. Slide Grease

3951The next important thing is that your trumpet is in tune, this is especially important for players playing in a group. Playing out of tune is not a crime and if you are out of tune it's nothing to be ashamed of however not doing anything about it is. I have played in different groups over my many years of experience and I've had lots of people who've had stuck tuning slides ruin the whole sound of the group.

The slide grease I recommend is the Selmer 2942 tuning slide and cork grease. This is a thick non messy gel like substance that is very effective at restoring your neglected tuning slides into super smooth and free tuning slides. Don’t forget to also do your 1st and 3rd tuning slide as well.

3. Valve Cleaning Brush

724 This item is a must for all trumpet players that love the feel of fast valve action. The slide block is one place where dirt will always sit and grow. This can cause really sticky valves and no amount of valve oil will sort this out. This brush is great for cleaning the insides of the valve casings and through the valves. This item is best when used with warm soapy water. If you play more than one instrument then this brush is suitable with all valve instruments.

4. Instrument Cleaning Brush

340 Does your instrument feel stuffy and not as free blowing as it did when the instrument was new or recently serviced? It may be that your instruments insides are full of dirt. Dirt especially builds up in the lead pipe and around the first bend of the instrument; this cleaning brush is great for getting into those tight spaces. If dirt does build up it makes the tubes narrower and this will make the instrument not resonate as much. Also make sure you do the mouthpiece as well so it’s all clean and free blowing. If done regularly your trumpet will always feel the same so you get to feel comfortable with the instrument. I do my own trombone at least once every 3 weeks.

5. Cleaning Cloth

453 After holding your trumpet for an intensive practice session or lesson do your hands feel really sweaty and moist? This is really common against metal. If your instrument is a yellow or golden color then the shiny protective layer called lacquer would start to come off as it reacts with the acid in the sweat. If your instrument is silver then the silver will tarnish. This could damage the silver if left untreated. The best thing I would recommend is just wiping over the instrument every time you have finished playing. This only takes a minute and will make your instrument looks amazing and will prolong the life of it. 

All of the above are all items that I'd recommend as essentials for all players, however serious they are and however long they have been playing. These items will keep your instrument clean and make it easier to play, so you don’t have to worry about a valve sticking in the middle of your next trumpet concerto.

I hope this essential trumpet accessories blog has been useful and informative, if you do require any further assistance and advice to make an informed decision, just contact the Normans Sales Team:

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