A-Star's Glockenspiels range are perfect for smaller players. Not only that, but they are great for classroom use. Why? Well, they are long-lasting, robust and accommodate all types of budgets. Here at Normans we sell a wide variety of A-Star Glockenspiels. Stuck on what to get? Don’t worry! We’ve selected the top 5 Glockenspiels and will tell you everything you need to know about each one!

13-note-glockenspielA-Star 13 Note Glockenspiel

With a traditional look, the A-Star 13 Note Glockenspiel produces a bright tone. Easy to store, and great value for money, the A-Star 13 Note Glockenspiel is also supplied with a pair of beaters!

25-note-glockenspielA-Star 25 Note Chromatic Glockenspiel

Easy to carry, the A-Star 25 Note Chromatic Glockenspiel produces a crisp, bright tone. It is perfect for the classroom environment, due to its protective case. Not only are two beaters included, but with the accidental notes being colour coded differently from the natural notes, you’ll be playing the A-Star 25 Note Chromatic Glockenspiel in no time!

8-note -coloured-glockenspielA-Star 8 Note Curved Glockenspiel - Coloured Keys

The A-Star 8 Note Curved Glockenspiel covers one octave of diatonic notes. Its curved model small range makes it ideal for younger players, as they have enough notes to play simple melodies and explore music! Its bright colours are great sensory stimulation for children. It is supplied with a beater, but also has an area for it to fit snug – they’ll never lose it again!

8 note-glockenspielA-Star 8 Note Glockenspiel

Also suitable for primary aged children, the A-Star 8 Note Glockenspiel is a similar instrument to the A-Star 8 Note Curved Glockenspiel, however it is a straight model, mimicking a regular glockenspiel. A great value for money, the A-Star 8 Note Glockenspiel is colourful and eye-catching, and is robust and reliable.

A-Star Glockenspiel Percussion KitA-Star Glockenspiel Percussion Kit

No matter what age you are, if you are serious about playing the glockenspiel, then the A-Star Glockenspiel Percussion Kit is perfect for you. It is a full size glockenspiel (2.5 Octaves), and includes beaters and music stand, a steel stand and it also comes with a robust carry bag. It produces a vivid tone, and is also a perfect addition to a percussion band or classroom.

Ideal for all ages and price ranges, we have a wide range of A-Star Glockenspiels at Normans, see our full range here.