Rocket Music offers a wide range of instruments and accessories for a very reasonable price. With a focus on guitars and folk, they offer a great selection of guitar accessories.


acoustic-gigbagThe gigbags supplied by Rocket ensure an affordable solution to carrying your instrument around. With comfortable back straps as well as a side handle, transportation is incredibly easy with these gigbags. A front pocket is also present allowing you to carry any accessories or sheets music you need. Black gigbags with a white trim and logo, these are also very stylish. The Rocket gigbags are available for Acoustic and Electric Guitars, as well as Classical Guitar in Full or ¾ Size. There is also a model suitable for Electric Bass too.

Guitar Straps

Some affordable nylon guitar straps are available from Rocket. Coming in three colours, Black, Blue or Red. These straps are as comfortable as they are durable. The perfect solution for anyone looking to play their instrument whilst standing up. guitar strap

Guitar Stands

guitar-standFor anyone looking for a sturdy guitar stand, Rocket have a few options available. If you only need to support one guitar you have many choices. One being the Compact A-Frame Stand. The small footprint can be deceiving, as these are very stable stands despite being so small. If you want something with a bit more support, ideal if you’re one for knocking things over like myself, the Tripod Stand supports the neck also. You might be in the market for a more permanent solution, in which case, Wall Hangers are ideal. For those who are lucky enough to have multiple instruments, there are Double and Triple Stands available. Ideal for stage use as well as home use, these are perfect to display multiple instruments.

Other Guitar Accessories

Rocket also offer a few more essentials for guitarists. Any Classical guitar player would be right at home with the Rocket Guitar Footstool which allows proper form and technique. The Capos offered by Rocket provides something for everyone, from a Wrap-Around Style to Trigger Capos. With options for Classical or Acoustic/Electric models. There is also a Guitar Tuner available, which is perfect for beginners due to the easy display. This ensures that even before you know the note names of each string you can get into standard tuning. Finally, for the electric guitar players, Rocket offer an affordable 10 Watt Amp. This is perfect for bedroom practice, lessons, or jams.
rocket-guitar-footstool Footstools
guitar-capo Capos
guitar-tuner Tuners
rocket-amp Amps