Buzz Word

The pBuzz Education Bundle is aimed at younger children staring on the brass-playing journey, and is a new and fun alternative to the traditional recorder……or Maths! Technically the pBuzz is a super simplified version of a Trombone so it’s a great first stepping stone into the world of brass performance. tickBasically indestructible tickEasy to play tickGreat classroom fun tickRidiculously cheap The six-note range shown on the coloured inner slide makes it easier to teach children a few different methods of pitching and notation, plus the instant enjoyment and pupil progress. “To Infinity and Beyond”!

Pack up your Troubles with this New pPack, and Smile, Smile, Smile!

pbuzz-education-bundle The pBuzz Education Bundle comes with 15 pBuzz instruments, a teaching book designed for non-brass instrument specialists, and 15 spare mouthpieces. This aids the teaching in an Early Years or School setting, mainly aimed at EYFS and Key Stage 1-3. They are however also lots of fun for any age! Moreover, the spare mouthpieces allow you to allocate a mouthpiece to every child in a larger class size. As a result, you can then alternate the playing of the pBuzz by different children in a hygienic manner. The pack is designed to give children as young as Reception the chance to learn to play using the methodology of a brass instrument sound production. Even though the pBuzz is plastic, the way you produce a sound is exactly the same as any brass instrument. Students can learn and perform the notes on a pBuzz and play some simple tunes using the unique colour-coded and numbered slide. There are 6 Steps outlined in the teaching book, which can be achieved 1 per week or 1 over a number of weeks depending on the number of children, the time available and the level of the children. Accompanying this book is a PowerPoint presentation for pBuzz containing the music and associated audio tracks. This means the children can enjoy playing music to the perfect soundtrack! Adding even more fun to practice and keeping them engaged.

Boxed & Buzzing

Above all, all of the instruments and accessories are safely stored in a bespoke heavy-duty plastic box. We know how primary school teachers love tidiness! The 15 spare mouthpieces allow for greater numbers of pupils to get involved, where they can have their own mouthpiece. Further, you could even write a name on them with a permanent marker? This educational bundle really is perfect for classes, groups and extra-curricular activities. pbuzz-at-primary-school Contact Normans Musical Instruments for any further advice or information.