HH were one of the most renowned speaker brands to come out of the UK in their prime. After a couple of quiet decades, they are back with great quality models which won’t break the bank. Some of these are found in the HH Tessen speakers.The Tessen range offers three models which are perfect for numerous applications. From live bands to school halls, to presentations and dance classes. This range of HH speakers has something for anyone with PA needs. pa-speaker

HH Tessen Range Features

All the speakers within this range have similar features, regardless of size, or shape. Each model offers multi-layered plywood cabinets, ensuring enhanced resonance compared to plastic cabinet counterparts. With this, the weight is slightly increased, but the tonal benefits are noticeable. As well as this, the three models we have available are all active speakers. This means that you won’t need to use any external poweramps. Each model is shaped in a way that allows them to be used as standard front of house speakers, or put on their side as monitor speakers.

pa-speakerHH Tessen 12 Inch Active PA Speaker

Ideal as standard front of house speakers, these speakers are perfect for any application. With 1600W of power behind it, any venue, from small to large will be filled. The versatility of these speakers really kicks in when looking at the Equalisation section on the control panel. The features a preset switch as well as HF and LF trim knobs. With the preset switch you can select one of four preset EQ curves. With this, the HF and LF trim knob adjust the high and low frequencies, so you can dial in your preferred sound and bring out the frequencies you want to focus on.

10-inch-active-monitorHH Tessen 10 Inch Active Monitor

Focused on being a monitor, due to its shaped chassis and compact size, the Tessen 10-inch Monitor can still be pole mounted for front of house use. The layout of the controls does, however, make this perfect for use as a monitor. With simple controls, having just an input, output, volume control and an EQ switch. This is great for someone who just needs the essentials out of a speaker.The EQ switch adjusts the frequency response making it more suitable for either Front of House use or Monitor use. With this, you can change whether the logo on the front lights up or not. By no means a deal-breaker, but still a very nice feature!

8 inch active pa speakerHH Tessen 8 inch Active PA Speaker

The final and smallest option we have in the Tessen range, is ideal for installations. This is set aside from the other two options by not having the ability to be pole-mounted. With this, these speakers make great monitors, installation speakers, or short-throw. Great for conference rooms, village halls, up to bands and DJs, these speakers are discreet yet powerful. Again, having very minimal controls, only having an input, output, level control and a “preshape” EQ switch. The preshape switch allows to switch between a flat signal, or one with a slightly dropped mid-range. Whether you’re looking for something for a band or DJ set, or something for a restaurant, hall or even to use for weekly dance classes. The HH range of Tessen speakers will have something that’s suitable in any size.