Choosing your first keyboard comes down to many different factors, one being the number of keys it has. This sounds silly, right? Well, it is one of the most asked questions that beginner players will ponder before putting any money down on their first instrument.

A good starting point…

The best place to start is with a 61-note keyboard. These selection of notes are ‘the most used’ shall we say, and is where music teachers would point you in the direction of playing chords, scales etc. Its perfect for new players aiming to get their Grade 1! One of our best-selling 61 note models is our exclusive Axus AXP2, designed for education. The keys are all touch sensitive; it comes highly recommended by music teachers and services alike, due to its fantastic value for money and great quality features. Other great models perfect for beginners include Yamaha PSRE373 and Casio CTK-3500. Both touch sensitive, these come with a range of pre-loaded voices and styles so you can add different effects onto your music.

Going up a level?

Some beginner players get slightly worried about not having enough keys, which of course is a valid point. If this has come across your mind, why not look at 76 keys? This almost adds an octave (from C to C) onto either end of the keyboard, so you have a few extra notes to play around with. The options do filter down slightly, but a top recommendation would be Yamaha NP32. A stripped back design, this concentrates on delivering a top-quality piano sound without all the other ‘bells and whistles’. If you need all the voices and styles however, take a look at the PSREW300. More designed to create a wider range of music, this has all the functions you need to get started! 76-note-keyboard

Just looking for something basic?

On the contrary to not having enough keys, you may be looking for something small and compact. More designed for young children, Casio have developed a 32, 44 and 49 note keyboard. Yes, these are as small as you think! You do miss some important features like touch sensitivity with these ‘mini models’, but as these are designed for smaller hands, they are great for getting used to the layout of a keyboard and hearing different sounds! casio-keyboard

These are just a few of the great keyboards that we stock here at Normans. If you are interested in any of our instruments, get in touch with us and we’ll be able to point you in the right direction!