Well now we have established what the Metallophone is* lets look into the best choices for your classroom. To do this, we shall look at two categories, Early Years and Further Education. In this post we have the Early Years. (Find the Further Education post here).

The Early Years

THE FIRM FAVOURITE - 8 Key Curved Metallophone

curved-metallophoneπŸ˜ƒ Funky shape πŸ˜„ Brightly coloured 😁 Built in beater holder For these three reasons, this Metallophone is loved by teachers and students alike. The interesting shape of this metallophone makes it stand out from the crowd and - as an added bonus - creates a kind of handle, giving children even more playing options. The bright colours are vibrant and look fantastic. Be this as it may, there is even a practical side to this. The coloured bars make learning even easier, creating a very visual C-C scale. Through the 'handle' of the beater runs two holes. These holes perfectly fit the provided beater creating a convenient storage space for this. As such, you can (theoretically) say goodbye to missing beaters!

A PRACTICAL CLASSIC - Stagg 8 and 12 Key Metallophones

red-metallophone🎢 Large Bars 🎼 Clean appearance 🎡 Traditional Rectangle Shape These Matallophones are probably much like the ones you had in your own school days and here they are now! Bear in mind there is a reason for that. The 'no fuss' shape makes them sturdy and perfect for more... forceful players and the large bars makes getting the right note even easier. The 8 note variety of this Metallophone gives you a C-C major scale while the 12 note model increases this to C-G. This bigger range allows for more adventurous playing.

BIG. IT'S VERY BIG - Cavatine Rainbow Metallophone

🌱 percussion-cavatina-metallophoneStrong and durable design 🌲 C major scale, spanning two octaves 🌳 Ideal for education and music therapy Percussion Play have through carefully about the design of their outdoor instruments. This careful consideration means that only the best materials are used ensuring a long life span with only minimal maintenance needed. Supplied with two beaters, (which are attached: try loosing them!) and spanning two octaves your students could even share. Theoretically. *See the ingeniously entitled blog: What is a Metallophone?