Well now we have established what the Metallophone is* let us look into what are the best choices for your classroom. To do this we shall look at two categories, Early Years and Further Education. In this post we have the Early Years. (Find the Early Years post here).

For The Big Kids

For older - and presumably - more musically advanced students, it can be nice to delve into the world of Chromatic Metallophones. By having a chromatic scale you are opening up a world of melodic complexities for your students to explore. Furthermore, once you start looking at the more advanced Metallophones you are no longer contained to just the Soprano versions. With the models below you have everything from Sop - Bass. Who says you can't have an audibly interesting 4 part melody on the Metallophone?


The Percussion Plus range of Metallophones would be perfect for your classroom. With their carefully crafted wooden frame the instrument is robust, even up against your more enthusiastic players. Each note is tuned to the maximum accuracy meaning they'll sound great every time you play them. Each unit also comes with a pair of beaters.


soprano-diatonic-metallophoneDiatonic and Chromatic - By combining these two instruments your students will have full chromatic range spanning from C52 - A73.


Diatonic and Chromatic - Spanning notes C40 - A61 this Metallophone will give you a lower sound that it's soprano counterpart. This is great for teaching your students about harmony as well as adding musical depth to your music.


The A-Star range offers similar quality Metallophones as the PP range at highly competitive prices. As an added bonus, it also goes below and beyond the pitch range of the PP equivalent. That Metallophone band idea you've had in the back of your head can really take flight with this range.


Diatonic and Chromatic - These Bass Metallophones are a perfect addition to you school percussion collection. They're also a big hit at percussion workshops.


Diatonic and Chromatic - The keys on the A-Star range of Metallophones are similar in scale to piano keys, making them even easier for student to get their heads around.


Diatonic and Chromatic - Your students and sing above the dim with the high and clear range of notes this Metallophone offers. They work best together. *See the ingeniously entitled blog: What is a Metallophone?