It’s a fair question. With a never-ending range of different keyboards being released every year, how much do you need to spend for a decent keyboard? Let’s have a look.

New players | Minimum Cost

For anyone new who wants to start learning a few chords and basic songs, a sensible keyboard cost is anything around or under £100. This is plenty to get all the features that you need to get going, but without over complicating things. One of our best-selling beginner keyboards is the Axus AXP2, and fits just below the £130 price bracket. Above all, it features 61 touch sensitive keys, a range of sounds and backing rhythms alongside some basic lesson modes. 

Starting to get the hang of it | In the middle

So, you can now play a few chords and a couple of scales, and are looking for something that bit more advanced to take you into the Grade 4/5 zone. There’s a couple of different things to consider here…
  1. Are you playing more piano style or keyboard pieces?
  2. How long are you hoping to play for?
If you’re hoping to play more classical style music, then I would look for something no more than £260. For example, Yamaha’s NP12 and NP32 range are designed to give you a more piano like feel, without all of the ‘bells and whistles’. A totally stripped back electronic keyboard. yamaha-piaggero-electronic-keyboard

More interested in experimenting with different sounds, backing rhythms etc?

Prices start at around £270 going up to £550, showcasing a range of various Yamaha and Casio models. At the starting price, something like the WK-7600 gives you plenty to go at. However, going straight to the top takes you to PSRS670. A much more, in-depth arranger workstation.

Full on professional | Highest price

If you know what you want and aren’t too fussed on how much the keyboard costs, Yamaha’s Arranger Workstations are at the top of our spectrum. PSRS775 and PSRS975 contain every feature a player could ever need to create and produce high-end music with ease. yamaha-arranger-keyboard

Hopefully, this has helped you to set a budget for buying your chosen instrument. If you do have any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Sales Team who will be sure to advise on what you need -