It’s great news! The award-winning pTrumpet has had a revamp and is now better than ever.

What’s Improved?

The new bell-bow design makes playing the pTrumpet even easier and similar to a traditional brass trumpet. Its new shape gives an improved response and enhanced playability, sounding great over the range and a better freedom of blowing. The new water key is a traditional design with a lever and spring, giving quick access for draining moisture from the pTrumpet. The valves now have better compression, meaning there is more precision when playing. It also improves the quality of valves notes, and sounds more even across the range. Before the pTrumpet leaves the factory, there are now over 100 pre-deliver checks. This will put your mind at rest that you are going to receive a top-quality instrument, every time. new-and-improved-ptrumpet

Great for Beginners

Weighing in at 500g, half the weight of its brass cousin, it is much lighter and easier to hold for smaller builds. You can take your pTrumpet to and from school without having to build up to lugging it around. Due to the light, plastic design, you also don’t need to worry about being clumsy and dropping it. Have a look for yourself! Available in an array of colours, this fun and vibrant design is sure to encourage beginners of all ages to learn and stay interested in playing. What’s better than a bright red trumpet? Unlike traditional trumpets, the pTrumpet takes less maintenance. There is no need to worry about valve oil getting everywhere and down your clothes. Simply wash the valves with water and away you go! It’s durable and easy to clean meaning it’s perfect for children as well as older players. At an affordable price, it’s great for someone on a budget and for schools. Its interchangeable valves make it perfect for all levels and abilities. The new bell-bow design also makes playing the pTrumpet even easier with a great response and better freedom of blowing. Included with your pTrumpet is a soft, fabric carry bag for transporting, a 5C and 3C mouthpiece for choice, and valve caps to bring the valves closer together and easier to reach for small hands.

Plastic Fantastic Brass

The pTrumpet is all-in-all a fantastic instrument and alternative to a brass trumpet. And it’s even better with the new and improved design. It is lighter than normal, easier to maintain, a cheaper alternative without comprising on quality, and just something fun to have a go at. It is great for beginners who want something exciting to encourage them, or even for the advancing trumpet player who just wants to try something new and fun. Take a look at this review by the lead trumpet at the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra…