brass-instrument Yes, your brass instrument will require maintenance, don’t worry majority of the time your brass instrument has low running costs. The most expensive accessories you’ll need to purchase is a new case, mouthpiece or mute (the mute is optional, though…). As you progress and improve, you’ll require new accessories to get yourself to the next level. You will also understand your instrument, the sound and the possibilities. All abilities of brass players (excluding trombonists) will need valve oil, no one likes a stuck valve. I’d recommend the Rocket Professional Valve Oil, you can also save and buy in a pack of 5. Trust me, all brass players will lose their valve oil and then find it a month later. I’m coming to terms with the fact, this happens to every brass player. So my advice is, stock up so you’re never caught short! Unless you fancy a stuck valve…


beginner-trumpet-playerIf you’re a beginner, I’d recommend focusing on care & maintenance. You’ll more than likely have a student instrument, so these tend to already be equipped with a mouthpiece. The case will come with your instrument and everything else is not a necessity. Although, that being said… I am a fan of an instrument stand for an impromptu practice session. You will need to become acquainted with a Sonata cleaning brush, a microfibre cloth, mouthpiece brush and a valve cleaning brush (excluding you trombonists). We also have care kit packages with everything you need to get going.

Not a Beginner?

trombone-playerIf you’re not a beginner, you are likely to already know what you need to maintain your instrument. However, you may be interested in an instrument stand, lyres, mouthpieces, mutes and yes… spare parts. As you progress, you naturally require more products to support your playing ability and to be beneficial to your performance. For example, are you playing in a band? You’ll need a lyre. You’ll also probably need a silent brass system, so you can practice at home without disturbing the neighbours. Finally, a mouthpiece. As you become more involved in the brass instrument world, you’ll discover new brands, playing styles and recommendations. From this, you will decide you’d like to try a new mouthpiece to reach a wider range and maybe get that step up in your local brass band. Overtime, your beloved instrument case which came with your instrument will begin to look tired, may become worn and well, you just need a new one! After all, this case is protecting your well-loved brass instrument. Let’s keep it safe! Sonata have created a range of cases for brass instruments which are of the highest quality yet affordable and well presented. You can take a look at them here, there’s a full range.