Music Mark | 10 Things Schools Should Know About Music
Music Mark are an organisation devoted to ensuring high quality music education is accessible for students and schools. Of course, everyone here at Normans understands the importance of this, with the majority of our staff having gone through, or been part of some level of Music Education. Due to this, we have been proud members of Music Mark for many years. A recent Booklet outlining some important factors of music education from Music Mark is a highly recommended read.

This booklet focuses on 10 key aspects of education that music can benefit:

  • Boosting school improvement
  • Improving general learning ability
  • The importance to build teamwork skills
  • Building general life skills
  • Providing good behaviour practices
  • Encouraging and sparking creativity
  • Providing long term passion and skills
  • Providing a building block to improve confidence and social skills
  • Giving students something that is fun!
  • Being inclusive and accessible to absolutely anyone
school-music You can find this booklet to see all the interesting details and sources in full here. I’m sure many schools, teachers and students will agree that the above benefits shows why Music Mark are doing great work, aiming to support the growth of good music education. You can find further information on their website as found here.