Being one of the most popular instruments ever, the Piano is renowned for being at the heart of any musician. Its distinctive tone is found in almost all music, making the piano renowned for being the first instrument for anyone to learn.

So why is it so popular?

piano-best Pianos are everywhere! First of all, the piano will always be a core instrument in any genre of music; you will always have opportunity to create and share music, and with the ever-expanding array of pieces to play, you’ll never be bored. A starting point… Being able to play some notes and chords on the piano means you are essentially set up to play any other instrument of your choice! How you get a sound out of it may be different, but the notes will be the same. Also, the piano is also one of the easiest ways to start understanding music theory, which plays a big part in Brass, Woodwind, Strings and much more! It’s a way of communication! Why not talk to other piano players about the different techniques and tricks they use to master difficult pieces? Playing piano gives you a new social group to unlock and explore – you could even try a duet with someone! You can sit down! Yes this is a real reason. Can you think of anything better? Playing some of your favourite pieces all without standing? However, if you start going out with a band to gig, you may find that you’re standing up to jump around more! There’s more than 1 type of piano… With an expanding range of Portable Keyboards, Digital Pianos and synths becoming more and more available, there is lots to get your teeth into! Play around with different voices and effects, without having to learn new notes or techniques. Amazing!

OK, I want to learn piano!

Great news! Mission accomplished! Next step - look for a starter instrument to see you through your first notes and grades. One of our best sellers is the Axus AXP2, specifically designed for new players wanting to learn piano without breaking the bank. It comes with 61, touch sensitive keys and a whole load of voices and backing styles to play with, keeping you occupied for hours! However, are you looking for a more piano-style approach? The Axus AXD2 is for you. With the same (and better) specifications as more expensive Yamaha + Casio models, this is consequently the perfect instrument which provides 88 weighted keys and 3 pedals. All housed in a wooden cabinet with matching bench. Wonderful!