My work experience at Normans started on Monday, a little before 9am. I was nervous, of course, wondering what the next four days would have in store for me. I went to the warehouse doors and asked for the person I would be reporting to. Then I was led to the shop, there I waited for a minute until Jack, the sales manager, arrived. I was shown around the entire building, and then into the office. Here I was introduced to the main software used by the sales team and shown how to process orders and price products. I was then introduced to Rory, who showed me how the clearance items worked and how to properly price them. That was followed by Shona showing me the ins and outs of the website and spreadsheets. That was succeeded by Heidi going through how social media affects marketing and newsletters. I then completed a PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) of two bassoons and was then shown how to process invoices. Office-work


On the second day I arrived slightly early, but it was okay. That morning I worked with Heidi in writing a newsletter containing images, where I gained an understanding of photoshop, and how newsletter’s affect sales. Also that morning I helped set up a show room of keyboards for a customer to try them out. On Tuesday afternoon I helped re-string a classical guitar in favour for a left-handed player. For the remainder of that day I helped go through a spreadsheet with Shona. playing-keyboard-piano


On Wednesday morning I revised the newsletter I had written the previous day and altered some images. This took all morning as I had to make three different versions of it. That morning I also filled in statistics for the newsletters from May in a spreadsheet and checked up on social media accounts. After lunch I completed a PDI for a Besson Tenor Horn. After the PDI I worked on a spreadsheet with Shona and then learned about how customer support works. At the end of the day I started writing a blog about my musical journey. tenor-horn


Thursday was my last day, and in the morning I carried on writing my ‘Musical Journey’ blog. I also inspected an electric violin and an acoustic guitar that had been returned. After that until lunch I wrote this blog. This afternoon I will be mostly going through publishing blogs. writing-blogs Overall my work experience week at Normans has been hugely successful, I learned about spreadsheets, and gained an understanding of how sales work, as well as an insight into customer support and returns.