sonata-logo The most affordable, yet most popular brand of clarinet is Sonata. This brand is loved by teachers and beginners for many reasons. Sonata are our best-selling brand in a range of categories, one of them being clarinets. sonata-student-clarinetThe Sonata Student Bb Clarinet is a great beginner clarinet. Firstly, it comes with everything you need to get started. There is a sturdy and durable case which has a moulded interior to protect your clarinet. This case also comes with detachable shoulder straps and accessory pockets. Other accessories include a reed, mouthpiece, ligature, mouthpiece cap and cork grease; all essentials to start playing the clarinet. For the clarinet itself, it is made from a strong ABS body, which helps to create a light, yet robust instrument with a responsive tone. It has great quality pads and key work which is one of the many reasons it is so popular within schools. It is simply great value for money!


buffet-prodige-beginner-clarinetBuffet are well known for their clarinet products. A great clarinet for beginners is the Buffet Prodige Bb Clarinet which is perfect for students and the aspiring musician. It's made from an improved co-polymer ABS body which makes for a very lightweight clarinet with a responsive tone. This also gives it that wooden look and feel. It features undercut tone holes and double skin pads which makes for better intonation and ease of playing, due to the reliable seal. Overall, this model is a great clarinet to play and will encourage and motivate any player to progress further, due to its easy of playing, comfort and great response. The clarinet is also supplied with a mouthpiece, ligature, reed and back pack style gig bag for ease of transportation. It is also available in a Pack which includes many more accessories to get you started.


Yamaha might sound quite scary to a beginner. But do not worry. They have produced a clarinet that is perfect for beginners and will certainly take you well into your upper grades. The Yamaha YCL255S Bb Student Clarinet is a high quality instrument made with an ABS body. It features nickel silver keys and 6 body rings which allows for great projection of sound and playability. The clarinet comes with a sturdy case with one adjustable shoulder strap and accessory pocket. It is also supplied with a trusty 4C Yamaha mouthpiece. Why not take a look at our review of this model…