Student Musical Instrument Packs
Here at Normans Musical Instruments, we strongly believe in supporting all musicians. Both in the provision of quality, suitable instruments, and offering outstanding advice and value for money. Often students would purchase an instrument, and then a few days or weeks later realise they require some accessories. Cleaning, maintenance or simple extras which will enhance their performance. Therefore, we have launched our range of student musical instrument packs to support students. We will provide you with a complete service, at a discounted rate obviously! The best value for money, customer and instrument care, you will find!

Sonata Flute Beginner Pack

The best-selling and most reliable student flute on the market, the Sonata FLE701, is accompanied with the sturdy Sonata Flute Stand and the Superslick Care Kit. The outstanding Sonata Flute is one of the best student flutes on the market. Popular with schools due to its reliability (quality keys, pads and construction) and its easy playability. Recommended by many flute teachers, Sonata flutes are great for any young player. The silver-plated body, keys and head joint ensures the flute is long lasting and robust for children. The stand is an important accessory for students. It is a safe and easy method of protecting the flute from falling or damage when not in use. Many times, I have witnessed a student dropping their flute off their lap when changing music, or it being knocked off a chair when left horizontal. This compact stand alleviates these issues, plus it is easily storable for stress-free transportation. The ‘Superslick’ care kit provides a total care solution for your flute. With the swabs, pull-through, polishing cloth & duster, rotor/key oil, and brush, you have everything required to keep your flute in pristine and hygienic working condition. sonata-flute-pack

3rd Avenue 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Pack

If you have decided to take the journey to Rock Stardom and be the next Ed Sheeran, Eric Clapton or Noel Gallagher, the 3rd Avenue Guitar Pack is the best foundation you could ask for! This Classical Guitar pack is tailor made for beginners and students. A great choice for someone looking for their first guitar without breaking the bank. The pack includes a spare set of strings (for over-zealous shredding!), a tuner and bag to keep the beautiful guitar ‘shiny and new’! As well as the Natural wood finish, these brilliant classical guitars are also available in attractive Redburst, Blueburst and Sunburst finishes. The superb sound and build quality will certainly assist the beginner to ‘strum’ their way to the stage! classical-guitar-pack

Sonata Clarinet Beginner Pack

The ultimate in Clarinet starter packages, the Sonata will not disappoint. Starting with the most important element, the Sonata B1S Clarinet really is a great quality Bb Clarinet to get you off to a reliable start. The robust yet resonant ABS resin body and precision keywork makes for an easier sound production and consistent tone without any of the fragility of a traditional wooden model. The care kit consists of everything needed to keep the Clarinet in perfect working condition; pull-through swab, cork grease, mouthpiece brush, cleaning duster and thumb rest cushion for added comfort. Add to this the sturdy stand and a box of 10 high quality Rico reeds, you really do have an amazing discount and complete package. sonata-clarinet-pack

Axus Digital AXP2 Electronic Keyboard Pack

Warning; If you are about to look on-line at this brilliant Keyboard Package, make sure you are sitting down before you look at the price! We will only be held liable for offering outstanding value for money! With touch sensitive “box style” keys as standard, they are finished to create a piano feel you expect on much higher spec models. As well as providing greater articulation, the 200 voices and 128 rhythms give you a vast selection of sounds and programming options. Add to this vibrato and pitch bend to enhance your performance further, you are onto a winner! The package discount provides you with a comfy bench that is adjustable and an ‘X’ style keyboard stand. This is more than suitable for the weight of this and heavier keyboards. Finally, a pair of soft padded stereo headphones. The ultimate in keyboard packages! axus-keyboard-pack

Sonata Trumpet Beginner Pack

The Sonata Trumpet Beginner Pack is the ideal starter kit for anyone beginning their musical journey into the world of brass. The best-selling Sonata Trumpet continues to offer students (and audiences!) a sound quality far exceeding its price. The bright tonal yellow-brass construction and precision valve block allows the player to fully develop and improve. Sound quality is at the foremost of this trumpet. With a projection and reliability that will compliment any style of music, from Orchestral and Wind Band, to BigBand Jazz. The carefully chosen accessory package lets the player keep this outstanding instrument in a pristine, playable condition. The sturdy floor stand offers a safe, balanced position for the trumpet to be left when not in use. The care kit consists of everything a new trumpet requires; valve oil, cleaning brushes, tuning slide grease and a polishing cloth. sonata-trumpet-pack

Pack up Your Troubles

So, there you have it. Whatever instrument you have chosen to play, you can find a suitable and cost-effective Student Musical Instrument Packs from Normans Musical Instruments to support you. Everything to make your performance better, and to keep your instrument safe and in a ‘as new’ working condition. If your instrument is not mentioned here, or you think of another accessory you might need, give us a call or an email. You, the customer are our focus, and we can adapt or design any package you wish for and create your own Student Musical Instrument Packs.